How well do you remember The Brady Bunch episode ''My Sister, Benedict Arnold''?

Marcia and Greg date each other’s rivals in this memorable episode!


The Brady brothers sometimes squabbled and their sisters certainly disagreed from time to time, but things really got heated most often between oldest siblings Greg and Marcia. Their fights have become sitcom legend and inspired numerous other brother-sister dynamics in many shows since.

In the season three episode “My Sister, Benedict Arnold,” Greg feels betrayed by Marcia when she agrees to a date with Warren Mullaney, Greg’s school nemesis. Naturally, things escalate in hilarious ways and important lessons are learned in the end.

Do you remember this classic episode? Only the biggest Brady Bunch fans can ace this quiz!

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  1. What is Bobby looking at?
  2. What is Greg mad about?
  3. Who is this looking a little like Cousin Itt?
  4. Marcia tells Greg that a high school boy asked her out to where?
  5. What fashion mistake is Marcia making that Cindy thinks is a new style?
  6. Alice stalls Greg from going into the living room by offering him what?
  7. Marcia wasn’t planning on seeing Warren Mullaney again until Greg says what?
  8. Who is the first one to get dunked in the dunk tank?
  9. Why does Marcia not like Greg’s date, Kathy?
  10. Greg convinces Kathy to perform a cheer routine to annoy Marcia. What school does Kathy cheer on?
  11. Alice falls into the dunk tank because…

How well do you remember The Brady Bunch episode ''My Sister, Benedict Arnold''?

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WordsmithWorks 23 months ago
F-F-FIL, L-L-LMO, O-O-ORE, Fillmore Junior High!
LearleyWells 23 months ago
Well, I guess I'll delete this acount, and move on because nobody is answering me at all. Then I'll give this site 1 thumbs up, and tell everyone I know not to sign up for this account that they'll have to find another site to watch their favorite episodes on in which I am going to do. Bye for good!
LearleyWells 25 months ago
I love this site because it has all of my favorite classic great shows here that I used to watch when I was a kid. :) My favorites are The Brady Bunch-->All seasons, I love Lucy--->All seasons, Gilligans Island--->All seasons, Bewitched-->Allseasons, I Dream of Jeanie--->All seasons, The Lucy Shows and Here's Lucy--->All seasons and, The Carol Burnet Show , The Sonny and Cher shows and some of Andy Grifith shows. I never really cared for Hogan's Heros or Mash, or Friends. But all of these above are my favorites. I just wished all of this is free of charge. :( And there is one slight bit of problem. The brady bunch comes on at a time when I'm at work. :( So, even if I set a reminder to remind me whne the episodes come one, I'll miss them. :( I'd prefer them to set a time after 6PM. That would be awesome and then I can watch all those! Two episodes each night at 6PM. :D And then after that, two episodes of Bewitched! :) I honestly hope all this is free of charge. :(
LearleyWells LearleyWells 25 months ago
How do you edit your post to correct mispelled words??
I copy my old post, delete it, then paste it into a new post.
2103634076 26 months ago
9 of 11. Wearing 2 different shoes to perhaps to start a fashion trend? We were not that easily influenced.
MikefromJersey 26 months ago
4 for 11.
I have never seen one episode much less this one.
ELEANOR 26 months ago
In #4, the scene is in the boy's room and there is that wonderful clown picture on the wall. For some reason, I have always liked that picture.
UTZAAKE ELEANOR 26 months ago
7/11; 4, 5, 8 and 10.
4. Watched the episodes on a b&w TV when I was a youngster and never knew it was a clown until reading a MeTV article about it a few years ago. Had always thought it was Billy the Kid. Just remembered that boys tend to prefer posters over framed prints.
Mamajoe 26 months ago
10/11 I missed number 8 as well
ELEANOR 26 months ago
Last Sunday, this very episode was run on METV. So to ace this quiz, you should have caught this episode. So what was the inspiration for this episode? Sherwood would listen very intently as his daughters griped about who did what to whom and why. And voila, a script. And later on, his daughters would turn on the TV and proclaim, "Oh no, Daddy did it again!"
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