What’s on TV on these TV shows?

These characters loved watching TV as much as we loved watching them on TV!


Some of the biggest fans of television are characters on television. Arnold the pig in Green Acres could turn on the TV himself and Elroy Jetson had a futuristic flatscreen that came down from the ceiling. 

Here are 10 times a TV screen appeared in a classic show. We’ve flipped the channel to create fake images of each tube. Can you find what is really on air in each series?

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  1. The Bradys were on TV doing what?
  2. In a Thanksgiving Cheers episode, the gang went from watching football to watching...
  3. Speaking of football, which Full House characters were on TV before a game?
  4. In Green Acres, Arnold the pig likes to watch what?
  5. What did Wilma watch on this modern Stone Age set?
  6. What did the Cunninghams see onscreen in one Happy Days episode?
  7. In a Christmas Dick Van Dyke Show, we get a behind-the-scenes glimpse with who onscreen?
  8. What was Elroy Jetson's favorite thing to watch?
  9. What was on TV in Leave it to Beaver?
  10. This Twilight Zone TV got shot at because what appeared onscreen?

What’s on TV on these TV shows?

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Jeffrey 28 months ago
''You got 7 out of 10'' -------Things on TV aren't always what they seem. Better luck next time! I missed 3, 6, and 7.
Moverfan 28 months ago
8/10. Missed The Twilight Zone (which I've never watched)...and the Fonz.
marmetv20 28 months ago
5/10 only knew 2 rest were guesses and not many good ones!
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