Can you match these spring TV episode titles to the right show?

Take “Granny’s Spring Tonic” to cure “Spring Fever” before “The Spring Festival.”


The spring season is filled with energy, life bursting forth after the cold days of winter. The opening narration of more than one classic show alludes to this notion. The excitement of warmer days can have all kinds of surprising effects on one’s temperament and programs from sitcoms to Westerns took advantage of the spring mood to make standout episodes. 

Here are 10 episodes that all have “spring” in the title. Can you match each one to the right show? 

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  1. “Granny’s Spring Tonic”
  2. "Angels in Springtime"
  3. Which Western had an episode simply titled "Springtime"?
  4. Which sitcom also had a "Springtime" episode?
  5. “Spring Fever”
  6. “The Spring Festival”
  7. “Journey in the Spring”
  8. “Spring Term”
  9. “Spring Will Be a Little Late”
  10. Which Western had a different kind of spring in “Requiem at Mission Springs”?

Can you match these spring TV episode titles to the right show?

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Ratt1959 15 days ago
4/10 I got the first 4 then all downhill from there.
JeffPaul76 17 days ago
"You got 1 out of 10" -----"Looks like you got stuck in some soft spring mud. ---Better luck next time!" ---Yeah, I only got #1 right, because I rushed through the rest of them, didn't take my time.
MikefromJersey 26 days ago
"You got 7 out of 10. Like fresh spring mountain air, this quiz was a breeze for you. Great job!"

The "Springtime" episode of Bonanza was one of the best, well written and acted.
Crisco 29 days ago
6/10 I was doing good until #6
RobertK 29 days ago
5 of 10. I guess I must have came out of Winter hibernation too soon! Still a bit cloudy...🙄😴🥱💤
Moverfan RobertK 12 days ago
Go back to sleep...that's what I'm going to do (6/10)...
JimmyAngel 30 days ago
4/10 some these shows were before my time
daDoctah 30 days ago
Four right with no problem, followed by utter tank for five in a row, then managed one last correct wild guess to finish with 5/10.
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