How well do you remember the Cheers episode ''Thanksgiving Orphans''?

Insults aren’t the only things that get thrown around in this holiday classic!

"Thanksgiving Orphans," the hilarious season-five holiday celebration on Cheers, is widely considered one of the best Turkey Day comedies in TV history. Cheers later celebrated the holiday again in season 11 with "Ill-Gotten Gaines,"  but "Thanksgiving Orphans" is just flat-out great.

The story takes place largely outside the bar, which is always fun, and the climactic food fight is endlessly rewatchable. Plus, we finally get to see Norm's wife, Vera! Sort of.

How well do you know this classic holiday episode? Take the quiz below to find out!

  1. The episode opens with Woody asking Sam if he can do what in the bar?
  2. Which Christmas carol does Frasier tell Woody is "potentially damaging" to children?
  3. Why is Diane wearing a pilgrim bonnet?
  4. Carla decides to host Thanksgiving dinner on what condition?
  5. Why doesn’t Norm want to go to his mother-in-law's for Thanksgiving?
  6. What snack does Cliff bring?
  7. Why did Diane leave her Professor’s dinner?
  8. What does the group watch after football?
  9. Diane suggests they each say what they're thankful for but it turns into what?
  10. What does Norm keep calling the thermometer in the turkey?
  11. Who throws the first bit of food?
  12. After the food fight, Frasier says he didn't try the mashed potatoes so Sam scoops some from where?
  13. Who throws the pie that accidentally hits Norm's wife, Vera?

How well do you remember the Cheers episode ''Thanksgiving Orphans''?

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