How well do you remember the terrifying Twilight Zone episode ''Living Doll''?

You didn't want to be on the bad side of this ''Living Doll."

"Living Doll" is high on the list of most memorable and recognizable episodes of The Twilight Zone

Telly Savalas guest stars as an upset stepfather who can't seem to get anything right and is struggling in his own house. His stress levels continue to rise when his wife and stepdaughter come home with a new toy doll, and an expensive one at that. 

Little does he know, the price of the doll would be the least of his concerns. 

How well do you remember this all-time great and spooky episode of The Twilight Zone?

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  1. What is the name of this terrorizing doll?
  2. What is the first thing the doll says to Erich Streator, played by Telly Savalas, after saying her name again?
  3. After the doll says, "I think I could even hate you" to Erich, what does he do?
  4. While Christie feeds the doll supper, what gesture does the doll make to Erich, one only he sees.
  5. Complete this line that Erich says to the doll after dinner. "My name is Erich Streator and I'm _____"
  6. When Erich throws away the living doll, what does she say before he puts the lid over the trash bin?
  7. What threat does the doll deliver via telephone?
  8. How does Talky Tina take down Erich at the end of the episode?
  9. When Annabelle tries to help Erich, what does Talky Tina say to her?

How well do you remember the terrifying Twilight Zone episode ''Living Doll''?

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PierreKhoury 2 months ago
I love this episode, it's my wife's favorite!!
VeraEllenJeffery 2 months ago
I like Mary LaRoche! So underrated! 💙.
TippiH 4 months ago
Missed one. One of my favorite episodes.
Deleted 4 months ago
This comment has been removed.
LH 4 months ago
Kaydee 4 months ago
6/9 I got the first question wrong. I thought the name was "Talking" Tina Lol
Coldnorth 4 months ago
3 wrong. Never watched that episode
texasluva 4 months ago
Fear not because KJExpress just delivered our MQ for this week. Congrats KJE

Cape Fear (1991)- 2 hours 8 min- Crime--Thriller-
Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro---Nick Nolte---Jessica Lange---Juliette Lewis-
Robert Mitchum---Gregory Peck---Martin Balsam---Joe Don Baker
A convicted rapist, released from prison after serving a fourteen-year sentence, stalks the family of the lawyer who originally defended him. Hold on to your seat belts this one gets quite grim and Max Cady (Robert De Niro) makes it so.

texasluva 4 months ago
Tonight's MQ-
This is a remake of a movie 25+ years before. It actually has 3 actors that played in the original movie. Different parts though. It's a great movie but unsettling to say the least. The other 4 lead parts are well known today in acting. While the 3 stars that appear in this blockbuster are no longer with us. They all have meant much to cinema watchers from the past. If you want Oscars there are at least 6 from 4 actors in this flick. Though one for the life of me has none, hard to believe. The genre for this is Crime and Thriller. The director is known world wide. We all have watched many of them. I actually was hot on the trail for this movie for quite awhile. Then this week it just popped up. I am sure someone will nail this but if not they will have more clues.

Entertainment -
Whats my line? - Richard Widmark--

You Really Got Me The Kinks--

Captain Kirk Is The Killer | Columbo---

Jack Benny With Mel Blanc--

Fred Astaire on WHAT'S MY LINE? (1955/1958)--

This movie is coming your way soon. I have found a great copy of it. Young Frankenstein Abby Normal--

Bonus Movies-

48 Hrs- (1982)-1 hr 36 min--Action--Comedy--Crime--
Walter Hill
Nick Nolte---Eddie Murphy---Annette O'Toole---James Remar
A hard-nosed cop reluctantly teams up with a wise-cracking criminal temporarily paroled to him in order to track down a killer. When its not serious it is seriously funny.

Yeah didn't you just know it, ole Hitchcock would be one of our movies. We don't intend to scare you just yet so it's one of the lighter ones but good. Scare comes later--
To Catch A Thief (1955)- 1 hr 46 min- Mystery--Romance--Thriller
Alfred Hitchcock
Cary Grant---Grace Kelly---Jessie Royce Landis---
John Williams---John Alderson-

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Plenty of time, huh….🤔 Well at least it wasn’t THIS time 😂 and that movie you’re not gonna show sounds like a good idea 😬
texasluva LoveMETV22 4 months ago
Tonight's MQ is over on: Answer these questions, and we'll guess your favorite Twilight Zone episode
texasluva MrsPhilHarris 4 months ago
Tonight's MQ is over on: Answer these questions, and we'll guess your favorite Twilight Zone episode
texasluva KJExpress 4 months ago
Tonight's MQ is over on: Answer these questions, and we'll guess your favorite Twilight Zone episode
AllisonWunderland 4 months ago
👋 Everyone….I’ll see y’all in a bit 😎
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texasluva Moody 4 months ago
Movies coming your way soon along with the Movie Quiz-

Bonus Movies-

Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer (1949)
Two employees of a secluded hotel investigate a murder on the premises in which the goofy bellboy is the prime suspect.
Bud Abbott---Lou Costello---Boris Karloff---Lenore Aubert-
Gar Moore---Donna Martell---James Flavin
Fun and a lot of laughs on this one. Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer Boris Karloff 1949 title sequence--

Mc Lintock (1963)
John Wayne---Maureen O'Hara---Patrick Wayne---
Stefanie Powers---Yvonne De Carlo---Jerry Van Dyke

Saturday's Movie- 1.6G great copy-Young Frankenstein (1974)
Mel BrookStars
Gene Wilder---Madeline Kahn---Marty Feldman---Cloris Leachman---
Peter Boyle---Teri Garr-
Young Frankenstein (1974) Original Trailer--

Movie for coming by-

It Came From Outerspace (1953)-1 hr 20 min-
Jack Arnold
Richard Carlson---Barbara Rush---Charles Drake---Joe Sawyer---Russell Johnson-
A spaceship from another world crashes in the Arizona desert and only an amateur stargazer and a schoolteacher suspect alien influence when the local townsfolk begin to act strangely.
texasluva Moody 4 months ago
I hope your trip went well. Hey! You're Giants won. I picked as upset since Minnesota won a ton of games by just a few points. Never liked their QB as being a possible Super Bowl winner or making it to the game. Good games coming up this weekend.

Let us know how you are doing when able. See you in June.
texasluva Moody 4 months ago
Your midweek movie. Since AWL has it and I just found it just now. You have it to watch also. I can not say how long it will be on IA because of the Uploader is not really hiding it so much . This uploader also has what's called a extended version. I have searched various Google and movie sites and can not find such a version. Though it is another 30 min longer then this one.
I am giving you two addresses which end up in the same spot but I think the 2nd might be a better copy to watch. Do not click on the MATROSKA file since it is a very long download (26G). I am leery of such long program downloads. The 1.1 G file you can download if you wish. It is called H.264. Also the 1953 Titanic movie below. Not as good as the 1997 movie but not bad at all. Big stars in it also.

Titanic (1953) 1 hr 38 min-Drama--History--Romance-
Jean Negulesco
Clifton Webb---Barbara Stanwyck--- Robert Wagner---Audrey Dalton-
Thelma Ritter---Richard Basehart

An unhappily married couple struggle to deal with their problems while on board the luxurious, ill-fated RMS Titanic. First address on this 1953 version better.

Titanic (1997) -3 hrs 15 min-Drama--Romance-
James Cameron
Leonardo DiCaprio---Kate Winslet---Billy Zane---Kathy Bates--
Bill Paxton---Frances Fisher---Gloria Stuart---Bernard Hill
Second address might be of better quality

Tonight's MQ is over on: Answer these questions, and we'll guess your favorite Twilight Zone episode
Nala92129 4 months ago
6 out of 9. The dad reminds me of Kody Brown.
flyhawk3131 4 months ago
9 of 9, one of my favorite episodes on the TZ,it would be nice to have a doll like that on your side
geatornez82 4 months ago
8/9. Missed Number 3. Not bad, considering I've only seen this episode once or twice. Mainly because the voice of Talky Tina was a woman I have adored for many years, the incomparable Ms. June Foray, who also was the original voice of Chatty Cathy, among many a cartoon character such as Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Natasha Fatale, Granny, Witch Hazel, and far more than I can even begin to list here.
DubSackSC 4 months ago
6/9 I guess I’ll have to pay more attention next showing or fire up Par+
Ready2go 4 months ago
7/9. My sister had a Chatty Cathy doll when we were kids. June Foray, the well known voice actress was Tina's voice.
tootsieg 4 months ago
7/9. When I was a kid, I received the popular Chatty Cathy doll for Christmas. The doll gave me the creeps. Not a fan of this episode either.
SheriHeffner 4 months ago
9 out of 9. If I were Erik I would have put Tina in the broiler and melted her.
cmsgtjrk 4 months ago
8 out of 9, I remember this episode but didn’t like it
SusanTammy 4 months ago
9/9! One of my favorite episodes!
Andybandit 4 months ago
I got 5/9. I got #1, 6, 7, and 8 wrong. I did better than I thought considering I never watched the episode.
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