Movie Match: Barbara Billingsley or Hugh Beaumont?

Match the movie to the Leave It to Beaver star!

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Wally hits a home run on Leave It to Beaver!
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It's Ward vs. June in a Movie Match throwdown! Two great actors with iconic careers. Two filmographies with dozens of roles.

We'll name the movie; you name the star. Forget about the Beaver, we'll Leave It to YOU to remember who appeared in what film. Be sure to leave your thoughts and your score in the comment section below! Who knows? You might find a new favorite movie to check out!

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  1. "The Mole People"
  2. "The Human Duplicators"
  3. "Pretty Baby"
  4. "Hell's Horizon"
  5. "Three Guys Named Mike"
  6. "The Valiant Hombre"
  7. "Night Without Sleep"
  8. "Shadow on the Wall"
  9. "Phone Call from a Stranger"
  10. "Wild Stallion"

Movie Match: Barbara Billingsley or Hugh Beaumont?

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