Name the iconic TV actors in these flop shows!

Who were the legends in these short-lived series?

They can't all be home runs. Heck, sometimes they're not even base hits.

Even the best actors find themselves in failed projects. It's not necessarily a knock on the content. Sometimes a TV show is just given a bad time slot or is perhaps too ahead of its time.

The following unlucky 13 were all short-lived series. None lasted more than a single season, despite having a marquee name attached. Can you guess or remember the massive TV legend starring in these flops?

  1. The beloved sitcom star went sci-fi with 'Salvage 1'
  2. This comedy legend could not make 'Annie McGuire' a success.
  3. 'Kingston: Confidential' was a case he could not solve.
  4. 'The Trials of O'Brien' was a flash in the pan compared to his iconic role.
  5. 'The Smith Family' included this iconic child star.
  6. 'Nichols' dealt him a bad hand.
  7. 'George & Leo' partnered him with Judd Hirsh.
  8. 'Amanda's' was an attempt to make an American version of 'Fawlty Towers' with her in the lead.
  9. 'Ink' partnered this actor with his real-life wife.
  10. 'Condo' was one of many flops for this former 'M*A*S*H' star.
  11. The firefighter show 'Code Red' starred this Western icon.
  12. This former superhero was the boss in 'The Last Precinct.'
  13. This sci-fi favorite went back in time for 'Barbary Coast.'

Name the iconic TV actors in these flop shows!

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Susan00100 4 days ago
10/13. I never heard of some of those shows!!
scp 9 days ago
Salvage I: good TV movie premise, but not really sustainable as a TV series.
tjritter79 scp 18 hours ago
Yeah, Salvage-1 was based on the old "movie of the week" named "Salvage" and apparently was so popular it was made into a TV series...following the blueprint of "Kolchak: The Night Stalker". I actually wondered how many of those MOTW were really "pilot" films and shown nationally to gauge audience response?
scp 9 days ago
Nine out of thirteen. I'm kicking myself on #11, because just as I clicked it I remembered the right answer.
You have to feel kind of bad for #10, because as soon as I saw "many flops" I knew exactly who it was.
Oldielover 10 days ago
4/13....I actually knew 2 of them. Quite frankly,I'm okay with that--...Shows me my TV savvy didn't waste it's time on 'flops'...Good for me!!
stagebandman 11 days ago
Some very good shows here....and some real stinkers!
MikefromJersey 11 days ago
12 for 13. As for question 6, Nichols did not deal him a "bad hand". James Garner said it was
the best thing he did on TV. MeTV should consider running a summer showcase of outstanding
series that only lasted one or two seasons. "My World and Welcome To It".
Plus there were many early 60's series that I have only read about but serious TV critics still
laud. Probably cheap to get the rights to. They just got to be better than cycling thru Barnaby
Jones for the umpteenth time. How about "Run For Your Life", a solid series that had some
episodes that soared to the heights, like the two with Kim Darby and "Time and a Half On
Christmas Eve" with Ernest Borgnine that in the last few years has been rediscovered and
embraced by the critics. This series ran 3 years but like series with only one or two seasons
it seems to have disappeared.
MarkSpeck 13 days ago
13 out of 13. I actually WATCHED some of these!
jimmyvici 13 days ago
8/13…all guesses. Never heard of any of these shows. But I’d love to see the pilot of them all.
dekane54 13 days ago
I flopped on this one with 8 out of 13 but I guess that's more than half.
dukeroberts 14 days ago
I got them all right. Man, I loved Code Red!
Jimo 14 days ago
No return season for me...8 out of 13 all guesses!
Doola005 14 days ago
I got 1 right just by guessing. Never even heard of these bombs.
geatornez82 14 days ago
4/13 Ouch. But then again, I've never heard a lot of these.
bukhrn 14 days ago
5/13, about as I expected, seeing as I've never heard of any of them.
vinman63 14 days ago
My mother the car lasted longer than some of these klunkers.
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