Only a Boomer can identify all these vintage snacks

What were these cheesy, bacony, peanutty, pizza-rific, raisiny treats called?

Time for a salty, sugary trip back in time.

Below, you will find some popular snacks from the 1960s, '70s, '80s and '90s. It takes a true snack connoisseur to name all of them. You probably had to live through all those decades, too.

Even if you didn't, pick the name that sounds the most like something you'd see in a grocery aisle!

  1. What were these cheesy cracker sticks called?
    Image: Nabisco
  2. Pillsbury launched these in the 1960s.
    Image: Pillsbury
  3. Child star Mason Reese promoted these bacon-flavored bites.
    Image: General Mills
  4. This sugar-glazed popcorn had a colorful name.
    Image: Conagra / Lincoln Foods
  5. Hostess made these Ding Dong–like snack cakes.
    Image: Hostess
  6. Keebler made these twists to take on Cheetos.
    Image: Keebler
  7. Keebler also made these chips that paid tribute to a place known for its potatoes.
    Image: Keebler
  8. Sunshine made these raisin cookies that could be heated up.
    Image: Sunshine
  9. Kraft made this peanut spread in chocolate and cinnamon varieties.
    Image: Kraft
  10. There are petitions to get Keebler to bring back this pizza snack.
    Image: Keebler
  11. Kellogg's made these toaster treats for breakfast — or any time, really.
    Image: Kellogg's

Only a Boomer can identify all these vintage snacks

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Rusty 14 days ago
1 out of 11? Ouch! In my defense, we were poor.
nerakr 19 days ago
6/11. But then, I'm one year too young to be considered a Boomer.
GeoffFord 20 days ago
You got 11 out of 11...guessed on a few of them.
DerekBird 20 days ago
You got 4 out of 11
Which snack do you want to bring back? The only one I've ever heard of is Koogle.
msglenn 28 days ago
5 of 11, never been to much into snacks.
AlbertHanson 1 month ago
6 out of 11? I don't remember most of these snacks. My favorite in this list was Screaming Yellow Zonkers.
GeoRubik AlbertHanson 21 days ago
Still made.
PattyHerbst 1 month ago
I got 7 out of 11 and I am a Gen X-er.They left out the best snack mix ever- Doo Dads.
Valerie 1 month ago
I love your channel and the quizzes.. .and the westerns!!! Thank u
Runeshaper 1 month ago
You got 4 out of 11
Which snack do you want to bring back?

Wasn't a boomer, but some of these sure looked tasty!
Thomas 1 month ago
5/11 The "Space Food Sticks ".
mrkent9973 1 month ago
9/11. Not a Boomer. Just a really good guesser.
RandallHoekstra 1 month ago
not a boomer and these kind of snacks were to expensive for my house - this was party only foods very rare but i loved the boxes and commercials i got 9/11
Dan 1 month ago
I got 6/11, guess some were regional, never heard of them. Tidbits were my favorite snack when I was a kid, used to break pry them in half to eat them.
RobCertSDSCascap Dan 1 month ago
Had to have those and these.
IsisLaShawnHardy 1 month ago
5...that's all I got on this one. But looking at other scores, I don't feel too bad.
Mark 1 month ago
4 of 11, I really bombed this one. I only recall eating Tidbits and the Space Sticks. I never heard of most of the others.
anthony 1 month ago
8/11.A few lucky guesses and i was able to do just a little better then most.Surprised I thought mine was gonna be one of the lower scoresl
richardkel 1 month ago
8/11. Never heard of about half of these, and only saw commercials about some of the others. We didn't have junk food around the house. The one in this list that I wish would make a comeback is Cheese Tidbits. They did taste a lot like Cheezits, so I make do with the latter now days. I also wish they would bring back Banana Flips. They were like tacos made with sponge cake and filled with banana cream. I used to like to freeze them and then cut them into thin slices. Yummmm!
RC 1 month ago
I'm a boomer and only got 6 out of 11 with good guesses. These products are so obscure they certainly rule out classic.
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