Only the biggest Trekkers know all the details from these Star Trek episodes

Can you boldly go through this quiz without missing a question?

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Few shows from the 1960s have left such a lasting legacy as Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry's creation has sustained numerous spinoffs, reboots and parodies. Though there are enough Star Trek properties to fill a galaxy, it's hard to beat the original series that started it all.

How well do you know the adventures of Kirk, Spock and the rest? Try to answer these detailed questions about classic episodes!  

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  1. In "Tomorrow is Yesterday" what was Captain John Christopher's call sign?
  2. In "The Doomsday Machine" which of the following was directly in the Planet Killer's path?
  3. In "The Enterprise Incident" who played the Romulan Commander?
  4. In "Mudd's Women" what did Harry Mudd use to enhance physical beauty?
  5. In "A Piece of the Action" which of the following did the Iotians pattern their society after?
  6. In "Court Martial" who was Starbase 11's commanding officer?
  7. In "Where No Man Has Gone Before" how often was it said that ore ships made a call on Delta Vega?
  8. In "The Ultimate Computer" which of the following starships did not participate in the war games?
  9. In "The Tholian Web" which authority did Commander Loskene represent?
  10. In "The City on The Edge of Forever" whose movie was Edith Keeler going to see?
  11. In "That Which Survives" who played Engineer Grade Four John B. Watkins?
  12. In "The Man Trap" how much salt did Professor Robert and Nancy Crater start out with?
  13. In "The Squire of Gothos" which of the following was a source of Trelane's powers?
  14. In "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky" Yonada was on a collision course with which planet?
  15. In "Whom Gods Destroy" who played Garth of Izar?

Only the biggest Trekkers know all the details from these Star Trek episodes

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jdarkness 6 days ago
12 out of 15, I got stumped on a few of the guest actor's names.
Dajj 28 days ago
5/15— Owwwwyy!! I am going to have to watch Star Trek more!
JLTitus72 1 month ago
Took the test three times. I dont believe in no win scenarios.
marmetv20 1 month ago
6 out of 15! And I have watched all episodes multiple times! Smh
djw1120 marmetv20 1 month ago
9 out of 15
And I thought I was a "Trekker".
I guess not. ;(
DavyG 1 month ago
great quiz...thank you
cseeley90 DavyG 1 month ago
You're welcome.
redeye 1 month ago
That was very ‘fascinating’
Snickers 1 month ago
13 out of 15 missed #11 and 13.
kevopilis 1 month ago
12/15, I should've paid more attention- I missed "The enterprise Incident" She also acted in an
Invaders episode.
Terrence 1 month ago
5 correct and those were guesses except for one
Baldman 1 month ago
And people complain about these quizzes being easy.
dodgebob 1 month ago
4/15, One good thing about having a bad memory is that ya rarely see a rerun, and you laugh at every joke every time. No need for a DVR.
Wiseguy dodgebob 1 month ago
What does a DVR have to do with memory? You can't remember something you missed without a DVR.
dodgebob Wiseguy 1 month ago
When I first wrote the comment I had a perfectly reasonable argument for the DVR comment, now I can't remember what it was, therefore confirming the bad memory.
Hogansucks1 Wiseguy 1 month ago
Some people have a legitimate medical reason for memory issues. Other’s with grammar & proper spelling, with your prior comments here on this MeTv site too other’s, you must be a proctologist? Or your head is somewhere else!! Maybe you should go and find it - (wiseguy). 😇 🤔
wbyassee 1 month ago
Only the biggest Trekkers know all the details from these Star Trek episodes
You got 15 out of 15
Lookin' sharp! Great job!
stephaniestavropoulos 1 month ago
Someone by the name of "undefined" left the following comment: "622 months." Does anybody have any idea who left it, what they meant by "622 months?" How many years is "622 months?" Thank you!
51.83 years, no idea who undefined is.
I think it might be code the MeTV Staff leaves behind in going through the comments.
CaptainDunsel 1 month ago
The M113 vampire must have crippled my brain cells, and caused me to Crater on one question.
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I'm not certain that was DodgeBob's reference though. He may have been referring to the giant cat which threatened to eat folks in the Halloween-themed episode "Catspaw". Getting et by a giant feline would be the one-step route from "Catspaw to Kitty litter".
Just a guess - I'm sure DodgeBob can clarify.
Well Stephanie, the Captain was pretty close in his assessment, although, I wish I knew more about this ST version of chess, It turned out to be just a failed attempt at humor that turned into a discussion much to do about nothing. I hope that clarifies my bottle rocket comment.
Thanks so much for the reply and clarification, dodgebob. My mind is no longer in a quizzical state. least not about this! My brain is always in a quizzical state, with queries that go unanswered because I'm afraid of asking them, for fear of coming off as sounding stupid. I appreciate you humorous attempt, which wasn't a failure on your part, just on mine for not getting it.
As for the ST chess: If I remember right, I think Spock was a master at playing 3d Chess. That's the chess I was talking about.
Whenever I post something, I too wonder the look on the other persons face. I wonder how well I've put my thoughts into words, cause it always seams to make sense to me, while some responses say otherwise. Just remember, the crazy person never wonders if their crazy.


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