Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1970?

Spies, Bradys, cops, cowboys, chimpanzees… 1970 had it all.

Was there ever a more diverse television lineup than 1970? You have groundbreaking new shows ushering a new era. You had bizarre children's shows. You had singing families, sketch comedy, big bands, game shows, wild animals, Walt Disney, dogs, detectives, vampires… and more!

Voyage back to 1970 and decide what YOU would watch on television.

See how popular your opinions are!

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  1. Welcome to the year 1970! It's springtime. Sunday at 7PM, to be exact. Turn the knob to one of these shows.
  2. Just a bit later at 8PM… What looks good to you?
  3. It is now Monday evening in the fall. The time is 8PM. What are you watching?
  4. We return to a Tuesday in the spring. It is 7:30PM. Are you in the mood for action, cowboys or comedy?
  5. Okay, a half hour has passed. Do you feel like changing the channel?
  6. Wednesday, 8:30PM. Why go out when you have these options?
  7. It's December 16, 10PM, and too cold to go outside. So watch one of these!
  8. A pleasant Thursday earlier in 1970 offers these options…
  9. Friday nights are made for families. Bunches, you might say. What will your clan watch at 8:30PM?
  10. A few months and 30 minutes later, you have the choice of…
  11. Saturday night at 8PM offers up spies, lovebirds and singing.
  12. How about this lineup for variety at 8:30PM? Cops, comedy or music?
  13. Saturday would not be complete without cereal and children's television. At 9:30AM you have the option of talking chimps, teenage witches or the Krofft Brothers.
  14. Finally, what would you rather watch after school on a weekday at 4PM?

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1970?

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KarKar 4 months ago
Raced home from school to watch Dark Shadows......
KarKar 4 months ago
Raced home from school to watch Dark Shadows......
CouchPotato19 5 months ago
We had to watch Lawrence Welk because my dad liked it!
TheDavBow3 6 months ago
55%. I must be the suckiest suck that ever sucked! Oh my!
DestryStitt 6 months ago
I'm over here picking The Virginian:) I would watch that anytime! I absolutely love The Virginian with James Drury and Doug McClure!
Dario 6 months ago
65% similar. 😁😁😁😁😁
Trisha56 7 months ago
A friend was listening to an "easy listening" channel... when a particular piece of music played. Something I had not heard since 1969. I immediately recognized it as Quentin's theme from "Dark Shadows" I was 13 years old... I used to rush home from school every afternoon to watch my favorite soap opera....🧟‍♀️🧛‍♀️👤👥🧟‍♂️🧛‍♂️
TheDavBow3 Trisha56 6 months ago
That Dark Shadows theme was real scary to me. It took me a while to get up the nerve to watch the show!
AlbertHanson 7 months ago
82% but some questions were not any of my choices. A lot of times there were movies on I'd rather watch.
Lacey 7 months ago
I like these quizzes but I wish you would put these shows in their proper time slots. Disney was NOT a competitor to The FBI.
MisterC62 7 months ago
75% similar! Those were the days, my friend...
MaryHelen 7 months ago
I was a bit off at first- they need to sy the times stated are Eastern standard time-- and some of these for me were NONE OF the above NEED that option. last I/we would watch EITHER Disney or ed Sullivan depending on what /who was on any particular night
AaronSzanyi 7 months ago
on saturday morning, it was bugs bunny an loony tunes cartoons and three stooges.
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