Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1993?

Are you more into 911 or 90210?

We're rolling back the clock a quarter century. It's the year 1993, a year of change. There's a new president and late night television looks entirely different after Johnny retired. NBC is riding high on its hit sitcoms. FOX is finding its feet by skewing younger. CBS and NBC have some familiar, favorite faces from classic TV.

So, what would you watch on network television in 1993? (Sorry, we don't have cable in this fantasy scenario.) See how your picks stack up against the rest!
  1. We arrive in 1993 on a Thursday night. A great night for TV. Must see, you might say. Let's start with something at 8PM.
  2. Okay, will you stay on the same channel or click over to something else at 9PM?
  3. It's a Friday evening, October 29. Instead of going to see 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' in theaters, you're staying in to watch TV. Pick something at 8PM.
  4. Later that evening, you start putting together your Halloween costume while watching something at 9PM.
  5. You wake up on Saturday morning. You pour yourself a bowl of Apple Cinnamon Rice Krispies. Turn on the TV and watch something at 10AM.
  6. It's now Saturday evening. What will you watch at 8PM?
  7. Okay, how about this decision at 10PM?
  8. Here's the lineup for a Sunday evening. What'll you watch?
  9. We've got some good news for you. There's no school, no work on Monday. Yeah! What kind of mood are you in at 7:30AM?
  10. What are you in mood for at 8PM?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  11. You stay up late for the all-new talk shows, because everything has changed. What channel will you have on as you drift off to sleep?
    Image: AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian
  12. Here's what's on slate Tuesday at 8PM. Choose something.
  13. Finally, our journey ends on Wednesday. You have one hour left, 8–9PM. Make it count.

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1993?

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RobChapman 43 months ago
If ever there was a need for a "none of the the above" option.
Runeshaper 54 months ago
66% similar
66% similar to the most popular responses
WILD 57 months ago
53% similar
53% similar to the most popular responses. 8 loved the Wonder Years, bit not Doogie, so Unsolved Mysteries it is.
CaptainDunsel 59 months ago
Wow, they really need a NOTA (None Of The Above). On at least 5 of these choices, I'd be headed to the bookshelves!
Amalthea CaptainDunsel 57 months ago
Same here.
Ilovelalaw CaptainDunsel 44 months ago
Exactly my thoughts! I picked the shows that were the closest to what I would've watched, but for at last half of them, I was guessing or flat out lying!
scwilson CaptainDunsel 40 months ago
I agree Seinfeld was ok but for some of them I either changed the channel or turned off the TV
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