Slash-Off: Zuni doll or Chucky?

In this corner, weighing in at... maybe 9 or 10 pounds?

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You can totally tell them apart, though, right? They're not too similar, are they? Sure, they're both dolls. Yes, they both menace unsuspecting victims. Okay, fine, they're a lot alike. But you're an expert in the demonic doll field of study, aren't you?

Do your best to correctly guess which killer doll is which. Your reward? Ultimate spooky season bragging rights! So show us what you got by answering these questions, and choosing between the Zuni doll from Trilogy of Terror and Chucky from Child's Play! Good luck, and be sure to share your thoughts and your score in the comments section below. 

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  1. Which doll debuted in 1975?
  2. Which doll has a wife named Tiffany?
  3. Which doll torments a character named Amelia?
  4. Which doll torments a character named Karen?
  5. Which doll does some slashin' in sweet home Chicago?
  6. Which doll is also known as "He Who Kills?"
  7. Which doll meets a fiery "end" in an oven?
  8. Which doll comes from a story written by Richard Matheson?
  9. Both dolls appeared in their sequel, but which had more of them?
  10. Which doll was puppeteered by special effects wizard Kevin Yagher?

Slash-Off: Zuni doll or Chucky?

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