Surfs Up! A Beach Boys song quiz

"______ Vibrations"


Are The Beach Boys the great American band? The argument can be made that they're our Beatles. From songcraft to studio innovation, no other band can go toe-to-toe with the Fab Four. 

So, how well do you know the works of Brian Wilson et al.? We want to know if you'll pack 'em up and shut 'em down with this groovy quiz about The Beach Boys and their songs. 

See how well you can fill in the blanks with these song titles. Good luck, and be sure to share your score in the comments section below!

  1. "Help Me, ____________"
  2. "When I Grow Up (_____________)"
  3. "Dance, Dance, _______"
  4. "I Know There's An __________"
  5. "Caroline, _______"
  6. "I'm Waiting For The _______"
  7. "Be True to Your ________"
  8. "Little ________"
  9. "She's Goin' _____"
  10. "______ in the Morning"
  11. "Don't Go Near the __________"
  12. "A Day in the Life of a ______"
  13. "All ______ Long"
  14. "Catch a ______"
  15. "Don't _____ (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)"

Surfs Up! A Beach Boys song quiz

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jimmyvici 4 days ago
6/5…they were before my time. Eh. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Ira1213 4 days ago
12 ot 15, Should have done better!
Zip 7 days ago
Not that big on the Beach Boys, and it shows. Nothing against them, but as far as surf music goes I am more of a Surf Punks guy myself.
Dysall 8 days ago
7/15. My worst score on any of these quizzes. Don't know their songs anyway. All guesses except 2 of them.
timothys71 9 days ago
14/15; just missed "_____ In the Morning." I am a big Beach Boys fan even though I wasn't alive during their heyday (the "71" in my username is a reference to my birth year).
geatornez82 9 days ago
9/15. I'm not too familiar with their later stuff.
sjbang88 9 days ago
10/15 Which isn't bad since a) I hate The Beach Boys and b) I can only name like 3 or 4 of their songs
Charleshorse 9 days ago
I was a little bit of a fan when I was a kid. I loved Surfer Girl and Be True To Your School but then the Beatles came along and it was considered uncool to like the Beach Boys and especially Elvis. BUT, I rediscovered The Beach Boys several years back and now I really appreciate Brian Wilson's talent. I love their harmonies. I saw Brian in concert in 2007 and it was the funnest concert I ever attended. Unfortunately, health wise it's not looking too good for Brian, now. :(
Well, I believe he's in his 80's now, along with the other surviving original members.
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