The 2nd Annual Mayberry Trivia Challenge: How well do you know Barney Fife?

Test your Andy Griffith Show trivia skills against a world champion!


The Andy Griffith Show is celebrating its 61st birthday this year — and we are celebrating our Second Annual Month of Mayberry! Are you a fan? Do you know Mayberry?

Let's see how your Mayberry wisdom matches up to Mayberry enthusiast and two-time world Andy Griffith Show trivia champion Mike Haviland, pictured above holding trophies.

"Mayberry Mike" wrote five rounds of questions for the ultimate fans. Put your knowledge to the test!

Round One — How well do you know Sheriff Andy?

It's time for Round Two — How well do you know Barney Fife?

Tune in to see the best of Deputy Barney Fife throughout week two of MeTV's Month of Mayberry, May 10–14 at 8PM | 7C.

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  1. Which is not one of Barney's karate moves?
  2. What is Barney's address?
  3. What is the name of Barney's speed trap he set up on Highway 6?
  4. Where does Barney move when he leaves Mayberry?
  5. What did Barney give his parents for their wedding anniversary?
  6. Which instrument does Barney NOT play in the show?
  7. What is Barney's shoe size?
  8. Who does Barney give a ticket for making an illegal U-turn?
  9. Which mayor does Barney arrest?
  10. How do you wake Barney out of a sound sleep?
  11. What is Barney's position in the Mayberry band?
  12. What is the price of the car that Barney buys from Myrt Lesh?
  13. What night of the week does Barney have his Judo lesson?
  14. Which is NOT a trick shot Barney does with a slingshot?
  15. What does Andy call Barney when he wears his motorcycle clothes?
  16. Where does Barney normally keep his bullet?
  17. Who was Barney's landlady in Mayberry?
  18. How much did Barney pay for the fur piece that he bought for Thelma Lou?
  19. How much does Barney weigh on his fifth anniversary as a deputy?
  20. What was Barney cooking when he was evicted by his landlady?
  21. Who was Barney's first girlfriend in the show?
  22. To make Barney jealous, Thelma Lou went out with who?
  23. Who used to sip all the syrup out of Barney's snowcone?
  24. What is the make of the car that Barney buys from the little old lady?
  25. How many dogs does Barney release into a field?

The 2nd Annual Mayberry Trivia Challenge: How well do you know Barney Fife?

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collin8 24 months ago
23 of 25 should of done better
DonnaNMI 36 months ago
24/25. I should have known Ford, since they were a sponsor.
JC 37 months ago
You got 22 out of 25
Well, did you have what it takes to be a Mayberry trivia champion?
PilotTom 37 months ago
WFOX MeTv channel 30.2 in Jacksonville Florida refuses to show Andy or "Month of Mayberry" . They will not answer emails as to why they will not show this show while the rest of the USA is enjoying this .
Michele 37 months ago
Oh my gosh! Only 18 out of 25 lol! I thought I knew Barney like I know Andy but I guess not. Oh well. 😟
geleta 37 months ago
Need to watch more of Andy Griffin shows
mrdoolin 37 months ago
Better stick with the shows I used to watch!
Arnold_Ziffel4_life 37 months ago
12/25, And I thought I knew Barney like the back of my hand, guess I need to watch a LOT more of Mayberry.
eyegor 37 months ago
20/25. That wasn't easy, but it was fun!
Wings 37 months ago
I thought I knew more than I did. Tough questions.
EMann247 37 months ago
I barely squeaked by on this one too with 15 out of 25. Dang, I am not doing too good with the contest.
bobnbarbetta 37 months ago
Good couple of gusses
, got 25 of 25
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