These Rifleman actors also appeared in Mayberry – can you match their characters to the right show?

Did Roy Stoner, Micah Torrance and Hattie Denton live in Mayberry or North Fork?


The Andy Griffith Show and The Rifleman gave the world two of TV’s most iconic dads. Both imparted life lessons to their young sons and both kept the peace, albeit in very different ways.

These two classic shows overlapped for a few years in the early 1960s and shared many of the same actors.

Here are 10 people who appeared in Mayberry and the Old West town of North Fork. We’ve provided character names associated with each actor. Try to guess if that character is from The Rifleman or The Andy Griffith Show!

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  1. Paul Fix played Micah Torrance on which show?
  2. Denver Pyle played Briscoe Darling on which show?
  3. Edgar Buchanan played Doc Burrage on which show?
  4. Hope Summers played Hattie Denton on which show?
  5. Parley Baer played Roy Stoner on which show?
  6. Harlan Warde played John Hamilton on which show?
  7. Joanna Moore played Peggy McMillan on which show?
  8. Ellen Corby played Myrt Lesh on which show?
  9. Julie Adams played Nora Sanford in which show?
  10. Lee Van Cleef played Skip in which show?

These Rifleman actors also appeared in Mayberry – can you match their characters to the right show?

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Gayleistoons 1 month ago
6/10...Lee Van Cleef in Mayberry, who knew
RedSamRackham 18 months ago
* As a DDS in real life Edgar Buchanan was actor best qualified to portray a doctor on TV!
STTOS 31 months ago
You got 10 out of 10 - The answers for the names on this quiz couldn't just appear. Did you know them all or did you miss a few? Pretty easy I reckon.
Muleskinner 31 months ago
10/10. # 10 was a good. guess. I don’t remember Lee Van Cleef on Andy.
Toot1956 31 months ago
10/10 to Easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6494 31 months ago
9 for 10....Lee Van Cleef fooled me , I cannot for the life of me place him in Mayberry N.C. !
He looks scary to be in T.A.G.S. , oh well , moving on.
DonnaNMI 6494 31 months ago
Seems like he was one of the rough characters at the carnival with Jerry Van Dyke in the Banjo Playing Deputy episode
Toot1956 DonnaNMI 31 months ago
He was.
larry52 6494 31 months ago
He did play on the rifle man he layer a gun slinger who ended up siding with Lucas and
Mika in a shootout.
JL1965 31 months ago
10/10 Loved both shows so I better have gotten em all
hermanstein2015 31 months ago
9/10 last one got me... But I must go on lol.
MrBill 31 months ago
9/10; missed the last one - I do not remember Lee Van Cleef on TAGS.
ETristanBooth MrBill 31 months ago
9/10. Same here. "Skip" was not very significant. That episode was all about Jerry Van Dyke.
Michael MrBill 31 months ago
10/10 with the last one being a complete guess.
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