Use your inner funk to help us finish these classic disco song titles!

Boogie your way through this quiz!


Grab your ticket and hop on this bus, because we're heading to Funky Town, U.S.A., baby! The only problem is, we have no idea what road to take to get there! In order to complete the map, we need you to help us finish these iconic disco song titles.

  1. Chic's 1978 disco song was called Le _____.
  2. In 1978, Gloria Gaynor released the famous disco track entitled, I Will _____.
  3. In 1976, The Trammps came out with their song, Disco ______
  4. Also in 1976, Swedish pop band ABBA released their song, entitled _____ Queen
  5. In 1972, The O'Jays released their disco song, Love _____
  6. The Bee Gee's song Night ______ was released in 1978.
  7. Donna Summer's 1977 disco song was titled, I Feel _____.
  8. Originally released in 1976, the band Rose Royce released their song, _____ Wash.
  9. Sylvester's song You Make Me Feel (_________) was released in 1978.
  10. Released in 1976, the Bee Gee's had another hit disco song entitled, You Should Be _____

Use your inner funk to help us finish these classic disco song titles!

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Virginia_Field 9 days ago
10 out of 10. Remember them all very well.
grandpa5741 1 month ago
9 of 10, I’m born to be alive
Snickers 1 month ago
6/10 Not a disco fan, give me that old time rock and roll.
KellyO 1 month ago
I was a teen in the late 70s. My prom was one big disco party. 10/10
Ready2go 1 month ago
10/10. Where is my leisure suit ?
Lantern 1 month ago
Got 100 percent.

Class of '77.
Adamtwelvia 1 month ago
Got 9 out of 10! Who says disco is dead?
texasluva LoveMETV22 1 month ago
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GTStang08 1 month ago
10/10...Didn't know the name of that Donna Summer song, but definitely remember hearing it. Not one of my favorites by her. Good guess. During that time, I was in middle school. We had a sock hop and that song began to play as I asked a friend of mine could I have the "last dance" with her. She obliged by teasing me saying, I'd "love to love you baby". I blushed. She was so cute and was one "bad girl". 😉
hazy321 1 month ago
10/10 and I don't dance......just loved the music!!!!
JHP 1 month ago
I have to butt in here again

"play that funky music" by Wild Cherry
francolaguna1 1 month ago
Yup 10/10! I💿ve me some DISCO 🕺
Who says it's dead?
Phooey13 1 month ago
The quiz people got number 9 wrong
laserlarry Phooey13 1 month ago
No, it is correct. You are thinking of Leo Sayer "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing/
KellyO Phooey13 1 month ago
No, they got it right. You are thinking of a Leo Sayer song from 1978. That played endlessly in my senior year of high school 🙄
Marianne13 1 month ago
8 / 10
Damn I should have gotten them all right
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