Was Carroll O'Connor in that?

Tell us which projects the actor acted in!

He's one of the great actors of his generation, and folks, we want to know... Was Carroll O'Connor in that?

The rules are simple: We'll name either a movie or a TV series. We'll provide the corresponding date. You tell us whether Carroll O'Connor was in that, or not! You know him, you love him, now tell us how well you remember the stuff he made. 

Good luck, and be sure to share your score and your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. Mad About You (1996)
  2. Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1958)
  3. Shirley Temple's Storybook (1960)
  4. Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre (1983)
  5. The Love Boat (1981)
  6. Bonanza (1963)
  7. Point Blank (1967)
  8. Kelly's Heroes (1970)
  9. Where Eagles Dare (1968)
  10. Gunsmoke (1966)

Was Carroll O'Connor in that?

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Dajj 9 days ago
4/10 I feel like such a Meathead!! It must have been the heat of the night that got me!!!
FLETCH 17 days ago
6 out of 10
Look, pal... Success ain't for everybody.
AgingDisgracefully 22 days ago
Nice that OC wasn't ever a Love Boat passenger.
Perhaps he wasn't excited by its newness.
texasluva 22 days ago
I Point Blank missed 2 for 8/10.
MikefromJersey 22 days ago
"You got 10 out of 10. Say... not bad, Meathead!"

He basically played the exact same character in "Kelly's Heroes" and "What Did You Do in the War,
Daddy?" and why not, it was a wonderful characterization and he had it down pat.
RobertK 22 days ago
7 0f 10! Not bad considering every question was a guess! I never really paid too much attention to notice him. The only one I was sure of was The Love Boat. A matching quiz could be who wasn't on that show!!
cperrynaples 22 days ago
8/10! Missed that! Bonus Question: Was O'Connor in The Man From Uncle?
PS I meant to say 3 & 5!
Big3Fan 22 days ago
1️⃣❎2️⃣✅3️⃣❎4️⃣✅5️⃣❎6️⃣✅7️⃣❎8️⃣✅9️⃣❎🔟✅ Knew a couple, guessed the rest.
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