Was this a Fifties rock 'n' roller or a musician in Mayberry?

It takes a true Andy Griffith Show expert or rockabilly royalty to ace this one!

Right image: The Everett Collection

The Andy Griffith Show was about as musical as a sitcom can get without going full-blown Broadway. Sheriff Andy loved to pluck his guitar. Opie jammed in a band. Bluegrass pickers came down from the hills. Farmers had the voices of angels. Even Barney was in the choir (though his talent was questionable).

Fictional rock 'n' roll stars even passed through Mayberry.

Which got us thinking — can you tell the difference between a character from The Andy Griffith Show and a real-life rocker from the 1950s?

Try to sniff out the early rock stars and the TV folk!

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  1. Jim Lindsey
  2. Sleepy LaBeff
  3. Dean Darling
  4. Freddy Fleet
  5. Thurston Harris
  6. Narvel Felts
  7. Hank Mizell
  8. Burly Peters
  9. Janis Martin
  10. Phil Sunkel
  11. Keevy Hazelton
  12. Buddy Knox
  13. Clifford Johnson
  14. Carl Mann

Was this a Fifties rock 'n' roller or a musician in Mayberry?

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RobertK 24 days ago
10 of 14. I got all the 50's bands but I guess I didn't pay much attention to The Mayberry bands and band members.
MarkSpeck 1 month ago
13 out of 14. Thought I knew my '50s musicians. Evidently, Keely Hazleton is someone I didn't know.
ricvice 2 months ago
14 out of 14 remote is broken cant switch to any other channel but ME TV
JewelsChuck 2 months ago
10/14 - I never paid much attention to the music on that show.
Me neither😬
JHP 2 months ago
keevy hazelton WAS on the show...gees!
SashaPayneDiaz 3 months ago
14/14 Although I will admit that a couple were lucky guesses. Maybe I'll buy a lottery ticket today.
olddogg 3 months ago
13/14...My favorite though is Aunt Bea and the girls singing "China Town My China Town"
Irish 3 months ago
Missed three. I guess that's because Jesus is my Rock and that's how I Roll! 😇🎶🎶
JeanInTN Irish 3 months ago
I've heard a song that says, "My feet are on the Rock and my name is on the Roll.
Irish JeanInTN 3 months ago
Love that! 😇
Katch 3 months ago
12 out of 14. I'm happy with that! And still love "My Hometown."
JHP Katch 2 months ago
my hometown - a true emetic
CRTRAVIS 3 months ago
Only missed 2 not too bad🌝🌝🌝
kimmer 3 months ago
12/14....gosh I'm glad I love music
RobertJ 3 months ago
Remember Keevy Hazelton singing My Home Town, a song written by Aunt Bea and Clara Edwards.
frenchman71 RobertJ 3 months ago
I loved watching Bee & Clara self-destruct when Keevy did a rock version of their song.
harlow1313 RobertJ 3 months ago
To me, episodes like that one are examples of the show going off the rails. I think it fails at believability and comic effect.

Though there are cringe worthy episodes, this is a far cry from the better episodes during the black and white years. To me, there are approximately thirty excellent episodes (examples: "Goober and the Art of Love", "Convicts at Large", "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs," etc.)
JHP harlow1313 2 months ago
you mean like - Ralph Henderson AKA Eleanore Poultice
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