Were these classic ad slogans used by Coke or Pepsi?

"Pair Up with" this quiz!


The Cola Wars. The Pepsi Challenge. New Coke. Diet Coke. Patio. Diet Pepsi. 

These two soft-drink giants have been going at each other for decades.

We gathered some memorable advertising slogans from the Sixties, Seventies, Eighties and beyond. See if you can match them to the correct cola brand!

  1. I'd Like to Buy the World a _______.
  2. Always ______.
  3. The Choice of a New Generation.
  4. ______ Adds Life.
  5. For Those Who Think Young.
  6. Come Alive!
  7. Pair Up with ______.
  8. ______ Is It!
  9. It's the Real Thing.
  10. Catch that ______ Spirit!
  11. Gotta Have It.
  12. Have a ______ and a Smile.
  13. Can't beat the feeling!
  14. Taste That Beats the Others Cold.
  15. Things Go Better with ______.

Were these classic ad slogans used by Coke or Pepsi?

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Tanisha32 3 days ago
10/15 Not a big soda drinker but I'll take Pepsi over Coke. Side note: Those McDonalds frozen Cokes tops them all!
jimmyvici 4 days ago
11/15…talk about a “pop” quiz!
Zip 4 days ago
Not bad for somebody who quit drinking all soda pop about 35 years ago.
But just for the record, I liked the taste of Pepsi better than Coke. Pepsi was sweeter and Coke was just too strong, almost bitter. I always said it was like drinking battery acid.
Columbow 6 days ago
8/15 guess I wasn't paying attention back then.....
Lantern 7 days ago
I like Coke better. Pepsi tastes too sweet for me.
Gunsmoked 7 days ago
14 / 15 I have a Big Brain ? 🤔
Or I just grew up in The Coke ~ Pepsi generation 😵‍💫🤒😬😉😁
Who remembers the tiny 6-8 oz . Bottles of RC Cola , 7up , Dr. Pepper , Coke ,
Hires root Beer and Pepsi and a real Throw Back a Cactus Cooler that came in a flat top
can that needed a can " Opener " to open it 🤯 I still remember the Fake Fred Flintstone
Cactus Cooler card board display 🙃😉
Suzies1952 7 days ago
10 out of 15 Pepsi coke said I was too young to remember ha ha! I’m 71 years young 😂 I like Pepsi though Coke is bad for me! Don’t like the taste and I’ve done taste tests on them many times, I always know the difference in them I’m a Pepsi person! Always 😀 happy Friday everyone
FredGoss88 Suzies1952 5 days ago
Wild Cherry Pepsi is my favorite.
Dajj 8 days ago
13/15. Its rare now I have any soda pop, but when I do, its a Dr.Pepper! We are so misunderstood.
JeffPaul76 8 days ago
"You got 11 out of 15" -----"Check out the big brain on you! --Nice work! --You know your "pop" culture!" ----I got 2, 6, 11, and 14 wrong.
JERRY6 8 days ago
11 of 15 not bad since I never drank coke of pepsi
MDCSWildcats1986 8 days ago
The one I missed was "Pair up with Pepsi". I looked it up. It was early 1970s, back when I was in diapers.
Yvette 8 days ago
14/15 Guess I always loved my Coke and it’s jingles!
Mark 8 days ago
11 out of 15...and one of those slogans actually was turned into a movie...For Those Who Think Young.
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