What genre are these classic series?

In some of these shows, you can get a dose of drama and laughter.

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Have you ever watched a show and said, "I wonder what genre this is?" Probably not, but sometimes it's easy to tell whether a show is a drama or situational comedy, for example. Then there are other times when series are listed in genres that we would've never guessed.

Do you know the genre of these popular classic shows? Test your knowledge with this quiz! Good luck!

Note: Some of these series fall under more than one genre.

  1. What genre is The Carol Burnett Show?
  2. What genre is Cannon?
  3. What genre is The Andy Griffith Show?
  4. What genre is The Beverly Hillbillies?
  5. What genre is M*A*S*H?
  6. What genre is The Love Boat?
  7. What genre(s) is Gilligan's Island?
  8. What genre is Perry Mason?
  9. What genre is The Twilight Zone?
  10. What genre is The Waltons?

What genre are these classic series?

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