What show is 'M*A*S*H' star Loretta Swit in?

Loretta Swit's talents go beyond 'M*A*S*H,' and she had plenty of appearances on other shows too.

When you think or say the name Loretta Swit, there's a solid chance the word M*A*S*H will follow in some capacity. Of course, the long-running series was Swit's claim to fame, much like the rest of the cast.

But just because the two-time Emmy winner had the most success on M*A*SH doesn't mean she didn't do well in other roles across classic television. 

Any M*A*S*H fan might have trouble seeing any character other than Margaret Houlihan when Swit appears on screen. So, think hard and see if you can tell what show Swit is featured in, with these images below!

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  1. What Western is she in here?
  2. What about here?
  3. Here she plays a bartender in...
  4. Can you recall Swit wearing this unique hat? What show is this image from?
  5. She's in a uniform in an episode of what series?
  6. What show is she in here?
  7. Here she mourns in an episode of...
  8. Here, Swit can be seen in...
  9. Swit is a passenger on....
  10. In what show does she play a waitress here?
    Image: NBCUniversal Television Distribution

What show is 'M*A*S*H' star Loretta Swit in?

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MarkSpeck 16 hours ago
6 out of 10. I was hoping for a shot of her from Hawaii Five-O.
Snickers 7 days ago
6/10 not bad since they were all guesses.
Wenatchee7 14 days ago
8/10 pretty tricky going Gunsmoke on back to back answers.
Mike 15 days ago
Check out that Mission: Impossible episode where she plays the bartender.
Assuming you haven't seen it before, you should get a major surprise ...
KJExpress 15 days ago
6/10. Passed by the skin of my teeth.
justjeff 15 days ago
6/10... I guess I just don't know Swit!
JHP 16 days ago
5/10 happy friday - too many gunsmoke land mines
frenchman71 16 days ago
8/10. Had to think long and hard on some of these. She was also in a few episodes of "Hawaii Five-O'. Surprised they didn't show any of those.
Andybandit 16 days ago
I got 5/10. I got #2, 3, 6, 7 and 10 wrong.
KMT6600 16 days ago
only 5 oh well better luck next time
McGillahooala 16 days ago
10/10. Thought the last one was going to get me but I made it!
daDoctah 16 days ago
6/10. No point in even trying to guess when it comes to the westerns.

My favorite appearance of hers was as the host of a show on Animal Planet. In one episode, she interviews some guy at an aquarium about the programs they're running, and behind the two of them in a tank, a beluga whale is suspended, head above tail, watching them talk and turning to face which ever one is speaking at that moment. I don't think either of the two humans in the shot had any idea how closely the whale was following the interview.

My second favorite of her roles was a Movie of the Week called "Shirts/Skins" about two groups of professionals who get into a scavenger hunt involving hidden basketballs, which escalates from simple pranks to full-on criminal behavior. Before it's all over and done with, Swit's character is kidnapped by the other team with a ransom demanding just the location of the hidden basketball.
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