Which Cartwright man fell for these women on Bonanza?

Do you remember who dated Calamity Jane?

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Love was as much a part of Bonanza as fighting outlaws or defending the ranch. Each member of the Cartwright clan — Ben and his sons Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe — had multiple love interests during the show's long run.

Some were short flings while others were deep connections that ended in tragedy. There were also three episodes that told the backstory of each son’s mother.

How well do you know the women who caught the eyes of the Cartwright guys? Take this quiz to find out!

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  1. Who fell in love with Marie DeMarigny in New Orleans?
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  2. Who falls for the famous Calamity Jane?
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  3. Bored of her husband, British socialite Lady Beatrice Dunsford goes after who?
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  4. Who falls for Emily Pennington, a sick woman traveling to a warmer climate for her health?
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  5. Who marries Alice Harper?
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  6. Who fell in love with Elizabeth Stoddard?
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  7. Lotty Hawkins is an intended mail-order bride for a friend of the Cartwrights’ but ends up falling for…
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  8. Who falls for Regina Darien, a quaker settler passing through?
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  9. Who agrees to marry Tessa Caldwell after accidentally blinding her with a ricocheting bullet?
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  10. Who falls for Helen Layton even though she has a gambling problem?
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  11. Who courted sophisticated saloon girl Sue Ellen Terry?
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  12. Who courts Sarah Reynolds, who was accused of being a witch by her religious companions?
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Which Cartwright man fell for these women on Bonanza?

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Guinness 8 months ago
7/12 guessed on this quiz. I don't watch much Bonanza. Only the last 5 minutes or so, before The Rifleman.
Muleskinner 12 months ago
10/12. Missed the last two. Those Cartwrights sure had a lot of women in their lives over all those many seasons.
Guinness Muleskinner 8 months ago
They also ended up getting killed off. Oh the tragedy 😭
Patty18 29 months ago
6 out of 12. Some of them were guesses. Haven't watched Bonanza in a long time.
Shatner1 29 months ago
0/12! I'm a little embarrassed!!!
Shatner1 Shatner1 29 months ago
That was suppose to be 9/12!!!
Guinness Shatner1 8 months ago
Oh , Okay 👍
Muleskinner 30 months ago
10/12. I’m happy with that. 😁
Nala92129 30 months ago
3 out of 12? Shame on me! And I loved the episode that explained who the Cartwright men married!
Sydneyb Nala92129 30 months ago
I miss 1
JanineCox 31 months ago
I have a complaint, I’m getting a bit bored with the METv lineup and I wish that u could shake it up a bit now if Cozi TV can shake up their line up and they did and they got rid of sone of the more sillier programs like the Office and they have also shaken up their Saturday line up to include, Columbo, Banacek, Mccloud, McMillan and Wife, Murder She Wrote and Quincy. I would love to see the Dukes of Hazzard on Sunday afternoons instead of that silly Gilligan’s Island, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and get rid of Save By The Bell and instead of Andy Griffith Show and Mash that we see nearly 7 days a week but to see I love Lucy, the Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and The Lone Ranger, and Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman and Walker, Texas Ranger on the Sunday lineup! Thank u for listening!
Sydneyb JanineCox 30 months ago
Right I can’t stand G’s island anymore
Jack 31 months ago
I used to like doing these quizes, but now every time I start one, A stupid video ad pops up on bottom of screen and is almost impossible to get rid of. One just started playing while I was typing this. Give us a break METV ! Enough Already!
Arnold_Ziffel4_life 31 months ago
11/12, 5 threw me out of having a perfect score. It is sad that the boys had many loves, but all usually ended in tragedy and never married or stayed it for a long time.
LH Arnold_Ziffel4_life 31 months ago
The only reason I got that one was I remember hearing a piece of trivia years back that Joe had gotten married. I never saw the episode because it was one of the later ones
Adam had the most potential because he fell in love with a woman with a child but she wanted a place of her own and Adam was nearly crippled trying to give it to her but she fell in love with someone else because she needed attention really bad but failed to realize that all that Adam did was for her
KenKnighton 31 months ago
5 out of 12, pretty good!
Filmnoirfan KenKnighton 31 months ago
Too bad you were not one of my high school teachers
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