Which musicians released these classic albums in 1968?

Can you put a name to these album covers?


It's hard to say what was the best single year for pop music. But one can make a very strong case for 1968. Rock & roll evolved into all sorts of new forms. Albums became long artistic statements. Soul music stretched out. Guilty-pleasure bubblegum bubbled to the top of the charts. And all the old legends were still making records.

We've gathered some of the classic records from 1968. They're all considered some of the best in recorded history. So, do you know who released them? We'll show you some album cover artwork. You name the group or musician. Good luck!
  1. This cartoon act went from comic books to the top of the charts.
  2. Who are these good looking young men on the cover of their classic 'Bookends'?
  3. These iconic groups kept it simple in '68 — well, at least when it came to the album covers.
  4. This foursome released its fourth album in 1968.
  5. This band released this LP in 1968. It went on to become the biggest selling record of 1969, and helped pioneer heavy metal.
  6. This former Them frontman dropped his sophomore album 'Astral Weeks' in '68. It is now considered one of the greatest ever.
  7. This album cover was originally rejected by the label, but later became the most associated with the seminal rock & roll record.
  8. Who released this album in 1968?
  9. This act made a turn and paved a new road to country-rock with 'Sweetheart of the Rodeo.'
  10. "The Weight" helped make this band's debut record 'Music from Big Pink' a classic.
  11. This band's baroque psychedelic pop classic included "Time of the Season."
  12. Who is this band on the cover of the 1968 album, its third overall?
  13. This powerhouse singer made this last album with her band Big Brother and the Holding Company in 1968, featuring a cover by cult comic artist R. Crumb.

Which musicians released these classic albums in 1968?

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