Which season are these 'In the Heat of the Night' episodes from?

We need you to bring the heat while taking this quiz!

If you find yourself singing the theme song of In the Heat of the Night, it's most likely because the lyrics are relatable! Before the song ends, you can hear the words, "But hold on, it won't be long. If you be strong, then it'll be alright."

We need you to be strong while taking this quiz because we're bringing the heat. Yet, we're sure you'll be alright. The series has several seasons full of content that address social issues, among other things.

Do you know which season these episodes are from?

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  1. Which season is the episode "Fate" from?
  2. Which season is the episode "Blessings" from?
  3. Which season is the episode "Random's Child" from?
  4. Which season is the episode "Sister, Sister" from?
  5. Which season is the episode "Baby for Sale" from?
  6. Which season is the episode "A Love Lost" from?
  7. Which season is the episode "Anniversary" from?
  8. Which season is the episode "Hard Choices" from?
  9. Which season is the episode "A Necessary Evil" from?
  10. Which season is the episode "A Loss of Innocence" from?

Which season are these 'In the Heat of the Night' episodes from?

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LindaRussellJohnson 14 months ago
"Yeah, what?"...8/10. Love the show!
TheOnlyONE 15 months ago
10/10. Shud up Dere meathead.
retro6 15 months ago
4/10 live in the heat of the night but there is just no way you can know the seasons of one word titles. I just won’t believe it! 🙃
Moriyah 15 months ago
3/10! Can y'all please post more Gomer content soon? Because it's been a while since I've seen something new from that show
tmac1951 15 months ago
Rain man got 10 out of 10!!!!
BorisK 15 months ago
4/10 and I never watched a single episode.
Andybandit 15 months ago
I got 3/10. I didn't know the titles for the season.
tnminnow 15 months ago
2/10 got 3,9 correct. But, I have never watched the show.
harlow1313 15 months ago
I have to wonder, does show knowledge run so deep that there are fans who know the season for these somewhat generic episode titles?
BuckeyeBeth7 harlow1313 15 months ago
Yes! Absolutely! I have met several people who can rattle off the title, season, and episode number from their favorite shows. Mostly I find it in the sci-fi world. It’s still amazes me people who have this encyclopedic knowledge of episodes when it comes to Star Trek. I’ve tried multiple times to associate episode titles with the episode in the original Trek but there are just too many titles that are either generic or could logically fit with more than one episode. While I can only associate the title with an episode on maybe a handful of the original Trek, I can do a better on the following Trek series. I think it’s because the titles are a little more descriptive of the episode in the later series. Enterprise and DS9 the ones I know the best. Hogans Heroes is another example of descriptive titles. If you list them like in a multiple choice quiz I can tell you which episode it was. I do not possess the encyclopedic knowledge to rattle the episode, season, and title off the top of my head though.
harlow1313 BuckeyeBeth7 15 months ago
No, it's this particular show that I am speaking to. Does "Heat" have that sort of fan base?
MrsPhilHarris 15 months ago
4/1O All guesses.
You got the same score too 😲
tmac1951 MrsPhilHarris 15 months ago
You don’t remember the episode, FATE, I’m surprised, I think it was shown in March of 1988, could’ve been the third or fourth episode. Seems like yesterday to me. It was cool that night and I went out for pizza with the kids.
MrsPhilHarris tmac1951 15 months ago
Are you kid kidding?
tmac1951 MrsPhilHarris 15 months ago
Yes, the robots that run METV are out of touch with reality. Who could possibly know any answers on this quiz????.
Big3Fan 15 months ago
Three. I picked the first answer for all ten questions. I've never watched ItHotN.
AllisonWunderland 15 months ago
4/10…You gotta be kidding 🤷‍♀️ Three times in a row 😂
My thoughts exactly
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