Can you remember the names of all these 1980s TV dramas?

There were lotsa lawyers and cops.

The 1980s delivered dozens of memorable TV series. We've already asked you about sitcoms and action shows

Now, we turn our attention to the detectives, doctors, soldiers, lawyers and divas that made primetime great in the Eighties.

We removed certain words and letters from '80s TV dramas. See how many blanks you can fill!

We'll give you a hand with the first one…

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  1. In the _______ of the Night (1988–95)
  2. _______ Street Blues (1981–87)
  3. _______, She Wrote (1984–96)
  4. _. _. Law (1986–94)
  5. _ _ _lock (1986–95)
  6. _______ & Lacey (1981–88)
  7. D_ _ _ _s (1978–91)
  8. _______ Landing (1979–93)
  9. D_ _ _ _ _y (1981-89)
  10. St. _________ (1982–88)
  11. Miami _______ (1984–90)
  12. Moon_ _ _ _ _ing (1985–89)
  13. _______something (1987–91)
  14. _______ Crest (1981–90)
  15. _______ John, M.D. (1979–86)
  16. Tour of _______ (1987–90)
  17. The _______ Zone (1985–89)
  18. Wise_ _ _ (1987–90)
  19. China _______ (1988–91)
  20. _______ Murphy (1981–83)
  21. Crime _______ (1986–88)
  22. _______ and the Fatman (1987–92)
  23. Beauty and the _______ (1987–90)
  24. _______ Dowling Mysteries (1989–91)
  25. Highway to _______ (1984–89)
  26. Ho_ _ _ (1983–88)
  27. Fa_e (1982–87)
  28. _______ II: The Colbys (1985–87)
  29. Matt _______ (1982–85)
  30. _______ Spillane's Mike Hammer (1984–87)
  31. Flamingo _______ (1980–82)
  32. Para_ _ _ _ (1988–91)
  33. The Bronx ______ (1987–88)
  34. Midnight _______ (1988–91)
  35. Sonny _______ (1988)
  36. McClain's _______ (1981–82)
  37. The Law & _______ McGraw (1987–88)
  38. MacGruder and _______ (1985)
  39. _______ Point N.A.S. (1983–84)
  40. High Mountain _______ (1988)

Can you remember the names of all these 1980s TV dramas?

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Sachelle 2 months ago
33/40. This was the longest quiz so far.
MMeans1 3 months ago
You got 39 out of 40
You casually breezed through that without breaking a sweat!

Missed #40, though I remember that show starring Robert Conrad? The name just escaped me.
Nightshade1972 3 months ago
36/40. Never heard of, or watched, the shows I missed.
CaptainDunsel 4 months ago
40/40 on a re-take (33 months in between)
Hollie 4 months ago
33/40 i didnt know any of the last 7 ...i wish someone would put on moonlighting sure they will with Bruce now a days having issues ..was a great actor ..seemed like a regular guy ..hope he gets better
TXGeek 5 months ago
Breezed right through because even if I never watched the show, I had at least heard of it... until I got to #40, lol.
Moverfan TXGeek 4 months ago
Robert Conrad and I think a couple of his sons--as I recall, it was kind of Baa Baa Black Sheep meets Emergency...
RobertK 7 months ago
32/40. Not too bad considering I really never watched any of these shows. I'd heard of most of them but I get enough "drama" in daily life and the world news these days. I really enjoy lighthearted and comedy sitcoms and Saturday Sci-Fi!
TinaMarieHaddadRhodes 9 months ago
38/40 Not bad. The two I missed were shows I didn’t watch or even here of…
DIGGER1 9 months ago
Can you remember the names of all these 1980s TV dramas?
You got 40 out of 40
You casually breezed through that without breaking a sweat!
grace60 10 months ago
I did this quiz wile waiting for brunch at Applebee for one hour😂
Zman77 grace60 7 months ago
It didn't take me that long!
JHP 11 months ago
37/40....had to have lunch during this quiz:)

#39 bit me - don't recall that show at all
TXGeek JHP 5 months ago
A Richard Dean Anderson show about Navy and Navy-adjacent people.
JHP TXGeek 5 months ago
TY for the info - I know Richard Dean Andersen
Moverfan TXGeek 4 months ago
Don't remember Richard Dean being on it (granted, I only vaguely remember the show), but wasn't Craig T. Nelson on there too?
melissaharrison 15 months ago
I love mash
DIGGER1 melissaharrison 9 months ago
"M.A.S.H." premiered in 1972, and ended its run in 1983. Just thought I'd tell you that in case you weren't aware of that fact, you dig? BTW, it's one of "MY" favourite shows, also. LOL!
susanlee 15 months ago
I’d love to see Hillstreet Blues and St Elsewhere. A lot of the ones that it looked like I missed were because my finger would bump the screen while was reading. Cagney and Lacy is another one that could be brought back. I watch so many of these now that it seems strange to read about them as series in the past. Perry Mason will never grow old. My all time favorite is The Waltons. I watch it everyday and am amazed at the multiple stories going on in every episode. Excellent writing and casting!
Moverfan susanlee 4 months ago
I believe Cagney & Lacey is on Start TV these days. I stopped watching St. Elsewhere shortly before Mark Harmon's character contracted AIDS--not because of him or the storyline, just because I lost interest in the whole thing--but I'd love to see Hill Street Blues again.
PulsarStargrave 17 months ago
36/40 Naturally the ones I missed were shows I never watched! I was surprised Trapper John lasted that long! I LOVED IT but it was a throwback to shows like Marcus Welby and Emergency and felt out of place with all the sitcoms, Prime Time soaps and crime dramas!

Finally, I was surprised "Lousy" wasn't one of the choices for Thirtysomething... which tells you how I felt about the show!
JHP 18 months ago

Sonny Spoon - HUH?

and then #37?

LynCarceo JHP 5 months ago
Yeah, I never heard of Sonny Spoons. Now, Silver Spoons I have heard of, but it wasn't an option.
JHP LynCarceo 5 months ago
silver spoons - wasn't that show about drugs? (only kidding:)
Moverfan LynCarceo 4 months ago
Sonny Spoon was kind of Rockford Files, but with a young, hip black man. I want to say he was played by Mario Van Peebles, but I wouldn't swear to it.
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