Would you watch a Leave It to Beaver spinoff about The Mondellos?

How about an entire Beaver Cinematic Universe?


Let's imagine, for a few moments, that you're a hotshot producer at ABC. You have the power to choose which shows get made and which are abandoned at the pitch stage. Money is not an option, as you have the company's full support and resources on your side. 

Your show Leave It to Beaver is one of the network's most successful. So how do you capitalize? One day, you find on your desk a script for a pilot episode of a new series. The show is called The Mondellos and it features characters from Leave It to Beaver

The main focus of the show is young Larry Mondello. Child actor Rusty Stevens was a highlight in the 68 episodes of Leave It to Beaver he appears in, and the fans are ready for more. 

 Joining Stevens is Madge Blake, reprising her role as Larry Mondello's mother, Margaret. In addition to Leave It to Beaver, Blake is well-remembered for her work as Aunt Harriet on Batman and as Flora MacMichael on The Real McCoys. 

Larry's father makes one brief appearance in the episode "School Play." Let us know in the comments section below whether you'd recast that character.

New to The Mondellos are Larry's until-now-unseen siblings. He's got an older sister that we never met on Leave It to Beaver. Larry also mentions a younger brother, and he's got an older brother who's grown up and married. 

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  1. Would you put The Mondellos on the air?

Would you watch a Leave It to Beaver spinoff about The Mondellos?

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Connie 1 month ago
Larry Mondello was from an abusive family! His mostly absentee father was always hitting him, on the rare occasions that he was at home.
mesmerelda 2 months ago
I hate Larry. Eddie is my favorite.
KadensPoppy 2 months ago
I loved Larry! He was my favorite character on the show.
McGillahooala 8 months ago
100%. Bring on Larry and maybe a hunk a milk.
Bapa1 9 months ago
No, but what if Larry got superpowers, or a talking horse, or a genie, or a martian, or a talking car, or.......
Wenatchee7 9 months ago
0% I can only take a few minutes of Aunt Harriet"s voice, I mean Mrs Mondello.
justjeff 9 months ago
100% similar... and thankfully, this was a single question "duh" quiz. A show about the Mondellos would be as exciting and entertaining as one about Archie Bunker's easy chair...
LoveMETV22 justjeff 9 months ago
Not sure I'd be scrambling for a front row seat for that one, as it would be more of a
sit-down comedy than an edge of your seat type show.
justjeff LoveMETV22 9 months ago
I'll let you cushion your remarks with those puns, since - as being the chair of the pun committee - it's been a LONG day today... and I would rather be a lounger than a participant...
Wendy57 9 months ago
Compared to the TV Shows they put out there now, why not try it ? Of course, there aren’t many fans of the original show left, so, maybe not in this era.
I’d like to see what they’d come up with using the old show for a modern audience or an old audience that’s still alive.
Rob 9 months ago
I would pass on this show. Larry is a good supporting character, but he couldn’t carry a whole show.
Rick 9 months ago
Maybe you meant, "money is not an *objection*?"
IndianaRockz Rick 9 months ago
I think they meant to say money is no object.
(Four great words to be on the receiving end of.,..💰)
LoveMETV22 Rick 8 months ago
Off Topic:
I see the article they did a few weeks ago featuring Stephen Talbot was removed. It shows a
"This page does not exist " message.

Last year they had someone that popped into a few articles about the Waltons claiming to be Kami Cotler( Elizabeth) on the series.

It is curious though going back to the LITB story that Mr. Talbot would just happen to read the article. Leave 5 messages and leave. I think MeTV should have let the article remain. Not sure as to the authenticity of the posts by someone claiming to be Gilbert. Anyone could create a username and do the same thing.
BrittReid 9 months ago
Easiest quiz ever . As a matter of fact NO.
harlow1313 9 months ago
It's a disturbing idea. During the Beaver series, we learned that Larry's father was married to different women living in different cities.

The Mondellos might be a very dark series, but maybe they could play Mr. Mondello's family juggling for laughs.
LoveMETV22 harlow1313 9 months ago
So you would entertain a spinoff series? Would you have Mrs. Mondello clueless like she was with Bruce and Dick's dual identities on Batman?
JayBurd 9 months ago
0% similar.....you could do lots with Larry and his family.....his sister could go steady with Eddie Haskell.....his mom could get a job as the cafeteria lady.....his dad could be a mob boss and get busted by Elliot Ness aka Robert Stack in The Untouchables....
texasluva 9 months ago
Yes if it changes where it is now 55% vs 45%, Eh.... I pass. It changes and the 100% you may have gotten now becomes 0% because you're less then the other most similar. They could have put into you're answer Is now 55% 45% being Eh... I pass. Quiz could have 55% agree with your selection, 45% too. Sort of like a 55% for x and 45% for Y. My 0 now could become 100 tomorrow. It does not bother me to have 0% (I could've been a contender). Nor 100% ("Look at me ma", I'm on top of the World).
texasluva texasluva 9 months ago
It took me a dozen tries to post above. Took out the word "election" in a part of it and it seems to be a banned word. I do not get the way I was using it to cause a problem
LoveMETV22 texasluva 9 months ago
Well "what da ya know," the totally's 51%, the Ehh....I'll pass 49%. Didn't think that would play out.
So it changed the % similar to the Mondello fans favor. Still don't get the metric, but maybe it was because there were only the two choices.
tnminnow 9 months ago
I don't know how but I got 0% similar.😜
CaptainDunsel 9 months ago
I'll pass (on this "quiz").
Never was a watcher of LITB, and have no idea what a Mondello even is.
Spaceseed CaptainDunsel 9 months ago
You missed out on life in the 50s
CaptainDunsel Spaceseed 9 months ago
I was born in the 50s, but I'm pretty sure I was raised in the 30s and 40s.
retired2019 9 months ago
No way. I always wanted to slap Larry. What a dork!
raddad retired2019 9 months ago
Most of the budget would be spent on apples and candy bars.
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