19 totally '80s school supplies that will take you back to the Reagan era

Why can't we bring Trapper Keepers and scented markers to the office?

It's back to school season! But we're going way back… thirty years back. Any kid who grew up on Donkey Kong cereal and Heathcliff cartoons will remember these items from their school days.

1. Trapper Keepers may have been introduced in the '70s, but they exploded with graphic awesomeness in the '80s. Did you want the rainbow, the horse or the Lamborghini?

Image: Trapper Keeper

2. Scratch 'N Sniff Stickers! You know you did well on a test when your teacher stuck a pizza-scented sticker next to your "A." The cowboy boot? That was probably more for a "B."

Image: liketotally80s.com

3. Stickers weren't the only things to sniff. How about Sanford Mr. Sketch Scented Markers?

Image: BrandlandUSA

4. There was no better way to get a hold of your No. 2 than with a triangular rubber pencil grip.

Image: Polyvore

5. Of course, you needed to outfit your pencil with an eraser cap, too.

Image: gpencil

6. When the Troll and Scholastic Book Club catalogs arrived, it was a joyous day.

Image: Fourth Grade Nothing

7. Who can forget the grinding sound of these pencil sharpeners?

Image: Thinkstock

8. High tech toys like Speak & Spell and Quiz Wiz helped us learn.

Image: Retro Waste

9. Lisa Frank everything. Stickers, Trapper Keepers, Thermoses — everything.

Image: Chronically Vintage

10. Did anyone else chomp their fingers with plastic safety scissors to prove how safe they were?

Image: Thinkstock

11. Calculator watches were geek chic.

Image: Wishbookweb

12. Jelly bracelets! You either went minimalist with just a couple or all out to form a Wonder Woman–like shield with hundreds of them.

Image: Windy City Novelties

13. On field trips, our vanilla ice cream cups came with the taste of tiny wooden spoon.

Image: Karl and Kat

14. After eating all those sweets, we had to prove how well we brushed our teeth with Red Cote Disclosing Tablets. They turned your teeth pink!

Image: toothbrushexpress

15. We remember when floppy discs were actually floppy, unlike the 3½-inch generation.

Image: Thinkstock

16. Of course, the best game to play on floppy was Oregon Trail. We always died of dystentery.

Image: Archive.org

17. We were trading Garbage Pail Kids under the desk.

Image: Horrorbuzz

18. Posters on the wall were D.A.R.E.-ing us to "Just Say No."

Image: dare.org

19. Coke was more than a beverage. It was a clothing brand. 

Image: liketotally80s.com

Oh, of course there were lunch boxes! Who could forget the strange plastic taste imparted to any liquid stored in the little plastic Thermos?

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Lillyrose 1 month ago
I loved the Trapper Keeper! Are they still around? The pencil sharpeners were great, too! I also liked the scratch 'n' sniff stickers. Are those still around? I never did like jelly bracelets. They weren't pretty. I really liked the Swatch. I had a swatch. It was white with a lavender stripe. So cute!
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