A new Buck Rogers movie is in development

The 25th century hero is getting a 21st century reboot.

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Image: The Everett Collection

Given the number of classic stories being mined for new content, it was inevitable that Buck Rogers would be brought back around. In fact, a movie about the hero first brought to life in pulp magazines has been rumored for years — including an attempt by comics writer and filmmaker Frank Miller.

Legendary, the company behind the most recent Godzilla movies and the new Dune remake, recently acquired the rights to the Buck Rogers character and plans to produce both live-action and anime shows in addition to theatrical feature films, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Buck Rogers first appeared in Amazing Stories in 1928 then in comic strip form the following year. As the character grew in popularity, his story was adapted to radio, comic books and serial films.

Perhaps the best-known version of Rogers is the one played by Gil Gerard in the 1979 television series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Though his method of time-travel differs depending on the adaptation, the main conceit of the character is his confusion after being transported hundreds of years into the future. Whether it's after getting trapped in a mine or frozen in a far-flung spaceship, Rogers must find his place in a new world of robots, aliens and far off planets.

The new project is in such early stages that a full creative team has not been put in place yet. But no matter who brings Buck Rogers into the 21st century, one burning question remains: Will robot sidekick Twiki be along for the ride?

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StrayCat 11 days ago
The one running on METV leaves much to be desired, and it's no wonder why it had such a short run. Poor acting, poor plots, and cheesy bargain basement special effects.
batmanlover54 12 days ago
Whatever they do has got to be better than that awful show they have on your station. The acting stinks, and the plots are so infantile. I can't sit through more than ten minutes of it before i have got to turn it!
johnkov 12 days ago
The far left Hollywood liberals, will destroy this. Like, every single thing they touch. I'll stay with the classic.
OldTVfanatic johnkov 8 days ago
You’re so right.
PeterGuerin 13 days ago
I admit my grandfather had a crush on Princess Ardala back in the day--much to the chagrin of my grandmother.
Asharella 13 days ago
"One burning question remains: Will robot sidekick Twiki be along for the ride?"

I sure hope not.
Lacey Asharella 12 days ago
Ya, I liked the show but Twiki was not a strong addition to the cast.
15inchBlackandWhite 13 days ago
Erin Gray was and will always be the ONLY Wilma Deering. She was a major crush of mine at the time. ;)
A very classy lady and has always been a big supporter of the fans.
Barry22 13 days ago
The TV show was terrible, But Buck Rogers is an interesting character. Done right, this could have potential.
Lacey Barry22 12 days ago
Not really terrible but a product of its time. Like the Walking Dead franchise, it is a reflection of the talent in the industry.
Stoney Barry22 10 days ago
First season was much better than the second. The only good thing about Season 2 was the Hawk character, and that wasn't enough. But I can enjoy Season 1 well enough
Stoney 13 days ago
Ordinarily I worry about reboots not getting the source material right, but Legendary has done a good job with Godzilla in my opinion. They do need to work in Twiki, though.
stephaniestavropoulos 13 days ago
With a possible big screen version of BR {as well as anime,} I wonder if Warner Brothers will get involved and create a new Duck Dodgers in the 24th 1/2 Century, to show before the feature?
DavidBartholomew 13 days ago
Buck Rogers is OLDER than Superman or Batman! Amazing when you really consider the history, Buster Crabbe played Buck in 1930s Matinee serials.
Lacey DavidBartholomew 12 days ago
AND Flash Gordon AND Tarzan.
daDoctah 14 days ago
The thing that always got me about Buck Rogers in his various incarnations was how he discovered early on that the 25th century was ruled by mob bosses.

Guess they were off by about 400 years.
texasluva 14 days ago
As long as it's NOT Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan playing their parts
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