Burt Reynolds called Darren McGavin a fink!

Reynolds probably wasn't a Kolchak fan.

Oh, we love some Hollywood gossip. Let's face it, today's stars and celebrities could never give us the same feelings as the legends of yesteryear. Something about the old Hollywood mainstays felt so larger-than-life. Nowadays, there's no mystery. Every thought, meal, and event gets posted on social media to be poured over by the masses. But back in the day, you had to dig deeper to learn about your favorite actors. The press controlled what we knew about movie stars. And there's nothing the press loved more than a little gossip.

Back in 1963, Burt Reynolds was a star ascending. He wasn't yet the box office heavyweight of Cannonball Run or Smokey and the Bandit. He was, however, becoming more and more recognized for his television roles. Reynolds was first a regular in Riverboat and then on Gunsmoke. He wasn't too shy about stating his preferences for the latter.

In fact, during an interview with Tulsa World, Reynolds made clear exactly what he thought of his Riverboat co-star, Darren McGavin. Burt Reynolds was not the type to mince words, as there was nothing left to interpretation. 

He called Darren McGavin, Kolchak himself, a fink.

"I had three-and-a-half years on Riverboat to watch him and that's what I think," said Reynolds. "There's nothing new or strange about me popping off... it's just recently that anybody's asked me."

Later in the interview, Reynolds spoke about his co-star on Gunsmoke, Jim Arness, and just how big Arness was. Burt Reynolds had a football build but still came up short standing next to Marshal Matt Dillon. Even when Arness was the topic of discussion, Reynolds bent the conversation to take further shots at Darren McGavin.

"I don't wear lifts on Gunsmoke. If McGavin ever fell off his lifts he'd break his neck."


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MichaelPowers 3 months ago
Michael McGreevey who played Chip Kessler on Riverboat gave an interview on Rob Word's show A Word on Westerns about his time on Riverboat. Mike liked both Darren & Burt. He recounted the time Burt picked up Darren and dumped him in the backlot lake used for the series.
TJ24TJ 5 months ago
I like both guys. Too bad Burt didnt like him. McGavin cracks me up. Especially Christmas Story and Kolchak. Also liked him as the gambler in The Natural. He had a tough time before he got into acting.
DocForbin 6 months ago
McGavin probably thought Reynolds was going to shoot his eye out with his rifle!
BenSobeleone DocForbin 6 months ago
Good one!!!!
AgingDisgracefully 6 months ago
Further, Burt said McG was a cad, a bounder and a dirty-no-good son of a saloon gal!
In his most manly man way.
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