Did you know Andy Griffith cut out some love scenes between Andy and Helen?

We loved their love, but the TV sheriff once even nixed Andy and Helen's first near-kiss, writing it out of the script.

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When Aneta Corsaut is first introduced as Helen Crump on The Andy Griffith Show, it's in the third-season episode "Andy Discovers America".

The story goes that the character was called Helen Crump specifically because she was planned to be a one-off character who wouldn't stick around long enough to wonder why such a pretty girl had such an ugly name.

But Corsaut and Griffith had such great chemistry that writers kept Miss Crump around, and every classic TV fan knows that over time, she becomes the woman who teaches she widower sheriff to love again. Eventually, they wed.

The sparks in Mayberry, however, were not exactly electric from the moment that Helen Crump is introduced. Instead, Griffith himself stepped in to make sure that there were no fast moves when it came to Andy romancing Opie's schoolteacher. He wanted their courting to come along nice and slow.

In 1964, a year after Helen Crump first came to Mayberry, Griffith told The Associated Press that he and Corsaut were rehearsing a scene that made him feel outright uncomfortable about the romantic shift in the show.

The scene called for Andy and Helen to hover outside his office, with Andy feeling so smitten, he starts leaning in for a kiss, only to lose his nerve at the last minute and duck inside the door where Barney was waiting.

Griffith didn't like this public image of the sheriff one bit.

"That's a little too much," frowned Griffith. "Wouldn’t it be better if we sort of made love with our eyes a little bit?"

The show's star was protesting the PDA more than the timing of the kiss.

"I just don't think we'd make physical love in public," Griffith explained.

Lucky for Griffith, his name was on the show and the director of the episode Al Rafkin agreed the scene wasn't quite right. They wrote the near-kiss out of the episode.

"Wouldn't it be funnier if Don broke it up by walking between us?" Griffith suggested. "Let's try that."

Once Knotts came into the scene, Griffith was much happier with the episode.

"Boy that works better," Griffith remembered saying. "That felt wonderful. It's in character because that's the sort of thing he would do, rush through like that to attract attention."

This is just one example of how Griffith was cautious about letting romantic storylines dominate The Andy Griffith Show once Helen was introduced.

But throughout their romance, the TV star insisted the couple remain conservative, even after things started heating up between them and they did occasionally kiss in private.

"Andy has no idea Helen has sex appeal," Aneta Corsaut joked to The Shreveport Journal in 1967. She said over the episodes, slowly the characters were allowed to touch more often in scenes, but Andy, just like his character, "still shies away from it."

"So we don't kiss a lot," Corsaut points out.

Corsaut was fine with the pace of the romance, though. She was happy to become part of the Mayberry family.

As Corsaut has watched the show more over time, she said she's appreciated how the romance between Andy and Helen burned slow. She said often she'd be watching her own scenes and realize she hadn't remembered everything that happened in the episodes she appeared in.

"It's like watching someone else who looked like me," she told The Jackson Sun in 1990.

Although we missed out on what could've been even more romance between Andy and Helen, as Griffith cautiously edited out some of their early love scenes, one might argue that the love they shared is perhaps more poignant because of Griffith buffing out some little touches. That's how Corsaut sees it.

Like most character actors on the show, Corsaut formed a special bond not just with Andy, but also with The Andy Griffith Show fans, whose everlasting love of Helen Crump has touched her heart for decades.

"It's so good to meet the fans of the show," Corsaut said. "They're really some of the kindest, most genuine people you'll ever meet."

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RachelR 28 months ago
I beg to differ that Andy and Aneta had "great chemistry." She couldn't act her way out of a wet paper bag. Any of the other girlfriend's would have been better.
SDWriter RachelR 14 days ago
Aneta Corsaut was an intelligent, beautiful, strong woman. No wonder Andy fell in love with her on- and off-screen. But a lot of fans of the show didn’t understand the scripts she was given often portrayed her as a temperamental woman. They are confused about the difference between a TV show and real life.
Nataliewould 34 months ago
Andy had electric chemistry with Miss Peggy. That was a very rare time when I saw lust in Andy’s eyes. Peg had sex appeal. Helen. Not even close.
FLETCH 34 months ago
I'm reading some of the comments here. I love it!! Doesn't matter what side you take, what you believe or don't believe, just the fact that Andy Griffith and TAGS can bring out so many strong emotions from people all these years later is fascinating to me!

It shows a lasting impact the show had on so many people

And let's never forget Floyd. He was the best!
TinaMarieHaddadRhodes 35 months ago
Really people. You all have been in quarantined way to long. Get out and stop watching so much tv and when you do watch tv stop taking it so serious, it’s not real it is a scripted show.
go ahead... i'll be out when the show's over.
and try to lighten up...
dagnabbit. and here we all thought it was a real show with real people in a real town. Well I'll be a monkey's uncle.
Tlor 35 months ago
I saw that man in a movie called A Face in the Crowd, he was downright scary! I couldn't separate that guy from the one on the sitcom after that; I see him a tad mean spirited, set in his ways and downright snobby. I can live my life never having to watch the show. In fact, I rarely watch Me-TV anymore, they switched the antennae shows to different areas and its hard to find. I like the quizzes though.
kimmer 35 months ago
Gentle giant...with old fashioned values...hmmmm !?!
Oldwatcher73 35 months ago
most of what i remember on andy griffith (and even if you watch it in syndication) is that he was a sort of "romantic",but not gushy..i dont remember him ever really hugging nor kissing ANY of the ladies on the show..he held chairs,opened doors,took them fishing,took them to dinner, and ge
nerally treated them as a "lady" would have wanted back in "the day"!
RachelR Oldwatcher73 27 months ago
The only real warmth he ever showed was towards Aunt Bee and especially Opie. And from what I hear, he wasn't very nice to Aunt Bee in the color shows. I know they didn't like each other in real life.
deano1 35 months ago
It is so funny to read the comments of the "holier-than-thou" commentators on these posts. I see comments such as "I lost respect for Andy Griffith because of his affair" (like the person knew him) and finding humor in the story above because they can't separate the actor from the character and it amazes me...The revelation of Andy Griffith's supposed affair with Aneta Corsaut came out in a 2015 book. This was 21 years after Ms. Corsaut's death and three years after Andy's death. I find it disgusting that something that only involved themselves, his family and God would be put on display for public knowledge. Almost no one from the show was still alive in 2015 (except for Ron Howard, Jim Nabors, Elinor Donahue and a few child actors) and the few that are/were alive have never substantiated the story. Even if true, it doesn't change the character of Andy Taylor any more than finding out Jim Nabors is gay makes his character of Gomer less of a heterosexual. They are actors playing parts and playing them very well...In real life, we know Andy Griffith had a drinking problem, used bad language and could be temperamental, but that doesn't mean he was always a horrible person, it just shows he was human. A few years ago, before his death someone got George Lindsey to say something bad about Andy and that was the first time I had heard anyone from the cast publically say something bad about working with him. After reading it though the criticism seems to be very mild. According to Mr. Lindsey, Andy would praise you if he liked your performance and say nothing if he didn't like it. This kind of sounds like if you don't have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. Maybe Andy Griffith didn't feel he was good at giving constructive criticism. I also had always heard that Don Knotts had signed on for five years and left the show as planned those five years were up. Now we hear rumors (long after the actors are dead) that Don wanted a 50/50 split and Andy told him no and he left angry. That seems very unlikely as Don appeared on the Andy Griffith show five more times and once on "Mayberry RFD". Heck he even showed up on Andy's new series in 1971. If there were hard feelings they quickly made amends. I even feel the Francis Bavier stories have been exaggerated over the years. She must not have hated the character of Aunt Bee too much or she wouldn't have played the role for two seasons on "Mayberry RFD". I am sure they were probably issues with her and Andy and other actors on the show, but I have heard people such as Elinor Donahue say she was a complete joy to be around. Reportedly Francis called Andy years later and apologized for being difficult. Whatever the complete truth is we will never know and we aren't going to get closer to the truth with most of these people having departed this world. Why can't we quit with the speculation and just enjoy one of the greatest shows ever made?
Daniel_deVise deano1 28 months ago
Deano, hi there. I would strongly urge you to read my book, Andy & Don. (Don Knotts was my brother in law.) First off, my book explains why Don left. He did *not* want a 50/50 share of the show. He wanted some ownership stake, Andy balked, it was a simple misunderstanding, they remained friends. Both of their managers confirmed this to me. Also, Andy's affair with Aneta was one of the great romances of his life and could not be omitted from a biography. Everyone I asked about it knew about it and spoke to me about it. I quoted some of them by name in the book. Heck, write to me at [email protected] and I'll send you a copy. Cheers.
RachelR deano1 27 months ago
I find it disgusting that some holier-than-thou person would write a thesis on a MeTV forum telling people off for exercising their right to give their opinion about a public figure. 🙄
RachelR Daniel_deVise 27 months ago
Why didn't they get married?
DeborahRoberts deano1 15 months ago
Perfect comment. I'm thankful Aneta Corsaut didn't live to see the vultures of social media destroy her positive views about TAGS fans. It's a shame that people can't enjoy reminiscing about this gentle program without shredding its stars. But that's the world we live in--hate rules. And when someone like you questions it, they whine that they have a right to spew it and how dare you pick on them. SMH
AgingDisgracefully 35 months ago
This explains the rejected script, "Helen Invites Andy Over For Pie."
Andy was already knocking the eye out of Helen's "pie".
Simon1234 35 months ago
Hahaha, in real life Andy Griffith was having an affair with Aneta. So, this article is pretty hilarious.
deano1 Simon1234 35 months ago
What is funny? You do realize Andy Griffith was an actor playing a character named Andy Taylor, don't you? Andy the actor was trying to make sure the character Andy Taylor was consistent in his behavior and that is what you want any actor/actress to do. You want them to have an idea of who that character is and it is almost never reflective of the actor's personality traits.
TijuanaSlim 35 months ago
"Wouldn’t it be better if we sort of made love with our eyes a little bit?"
"I just don't think we'd make physical love in public," Griffith explained.

how quickly Language changes...
35 months ago
I couldn't stand Aneta Corseaut! She brought the show down & sucked all the warmth and humor out of the show. She was cold, petty, jealous and her fake smile and gruesome laugh were repulsive. I guess, if you're willing to hop into bed with the star of the show upon your first meeting, you've got the job.
ndebrabant Pilaf 35 months ago
I liked Aneta Conrseat. She did not bring the show down nor did she suck all the warmth and humor out. She was neither cold, petty, jealous and she had a warm smile. I bet you are just someone who like the other women and were rooting for them, but when they were dropped, you couldn't take it.As for jumping into bed with thew star, you sound jealous.
KandiBlazier21 Pilaf 35 months ago
I agree with Pilaf... she wasn't my favorite of Andy's girlfriends... and Corsaut stayed in the show because she was a favorite of Griffith who was cheating on his wife with her. I guess he only fooled around behind closed doors... I lost all respect for the man after I read about the affair. And I'm absolutely not jealous... I wouldn't have slept with either of them 😝
ndebrabant 35 months ago
"thew star?" Not sure what you mean, but you go ahead and believe whatever you NEED to believe. God Bless!
LoveMETV22 35 months ago
I enjoy the Class Reunion Episode which just happened to be on last night. Andy seem to have a real interest when his high school flame Sharon DeSpain returns. Too bad their interests were not the same.
LoveMETV22 35 months ago
She was too old for Andy. Her gummy smile was off-putting. There were so many other actresses that would have been more believable.
ndebrabant Pilaf 35 months ago
If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. You were not in charge of the show. You were not the writer, you were not the casting director, were you even around when the show original aired?
fuqtrump ndebrabant 34 months ago
Were you the writer? The director? The actor? If not, then STFU. I think you had a crush on Andy.
Coldnorth 35 months ago
I thought she was great as a schoolteacher but as Andy’s girlfriend she looked more like a warden than a love interest
RachelR Coldnorth 27 months ago
I think most of that was just her poor acting.
Andybandit 35 months ago
I liked Helen Crump. But I also wish Elle stayed on the show, so Andy could marry her. Oh well.
justjeff 35 months ago
"she becomes the woman who teaches she widower sheriff to love again" ???--She teaches 'she' widower???? LOL! She teaches THE widower. A "she" widower is a widow...
justjeff 35 months ago
You've never made any typos? Never had "autocorrect" mess up your text?
justjeff Pilaf 35 months ago
I make typos constantly. As I've often mentioned here, I can spell, but I can't type well [large hands on a small keyboard]... The difference is, I re-read things a couple of times to try and catch the goofs... and if one slips by, I then delete the post and make the corrections before reposting!

The people at MeTV should (at the least) try and do the same...
dangler1907 justjeff 35 months ago
I was a writer and editor for about 40 years. I can tell you for a fact that no matter how often you read and re-read a document, it's easy to miss a typo, especially in a word that has a similar spelling - like "the" and "she".
justjeff dangler1907 35 months ago
True, of course... but I do like to keep the writers of the MeTV articles on their toes by pointing out the extreme (and at times, very funny) gaffs they offer up while trying to keep a deadline...
ETristanBooth 35 months ago
I basically liked Helen, although her jealousy was sometimes over the top. What seems strange about this story is that Corsaut is sometimes quoted in present tense, as though she just said these things recently. However, she passed away over 25 years ago.
RubyJuly ETristanBooth 28 months ago
Obviously the writer took information from past interviews and didn't care enough about the finished product to edit. WAY too much of this seen in "news" (professional) reporting these days. I had writing teachers who actually made us do things 100% correctly to get a passing grade.
LH 35 months ago
I never cared for her much. I thought Joanna Moore was appealing AND pretty
fuqtrump LH 34 months ago
She was for sure.
Zip 35 months ago
"We loved their love"
We do?

I can think of plenty of Andy's love interests on TAGS that had more chemistry together, and weren't nearly so jealous and vindictive as Helen Crump(this is saying nothing about Ms. Corsault, who I am sure was a nice lady).
Maverick66 Zip 35 months ago
I agree & TAGS is my all-time favorite show. I never cared much for the Helen character & certainly didn't notice any chemistry between the two actors. Their relationship seemed almost more like a business relationship than a romantic one.
Zip 35 months ago
"A nice lady?" Let's ask Andy's wife and children at the time!
Zip Pilaf 35 months ago
I'm talking about the actress, not her character of Helen Crump, who I didn't care for at all. Or do you have some inside information about Aneta Corsaut's behavior on the set? I would be interested to know.
KandiBlazier21 Zip 35 months ago
Griffith and Corsaut reportedly had an affair during the show. Here's an article and you can Google more... https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/these-andy-griffith-show-actors-were-lovers-and-everyone-in-the-cast-knew.html/
Pacificsun 35 months ago
I never saw any chemistry between them. Fans will beat me with a remote control because TAGS popularity says differently! But I just saw two very fine actors, acting their parts. Real chemistry goes beyond that. Almost like you can imagine them together off screen as well. That’s why it is, what it is. You can see the difference in certain shows (like DVD). But Andy Griffith is not a warm sort of guy anyway. He's always holding back something. Watch him in Matlock, it's easy to see where his personality headed off to. And I'm a big TAGS fan, watching it all the time!

I wish Matlock was on at night!
MrsPhilHarris Pacificsun 35 months ago
I agree. I never saw anything more than two actors on the screen.
texasluva Pacificsun 35 months ago
Weekend bonus movie.

What a Way To Go! (1964) 1hr 50 min-comedy, romance
Director : J. Lee Thompson
Shirley MacLaine
Paul Newman
Robert Mitchum
Dean Martin
Gene Kelly
Robert Cummings
Dick Van Dyke
A four-time widow discusses her four marriages, in which all of her husbands became incredibly rich and died prematurely because of their drive to be rich.

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