Don Rickles was the complete opposite of his Gilligan's Island character

Norbett Wiley was a smooth-talking kidnapper, but Don Rickles let people take advantage of his niceness.

When a kidnapper goes around the island holding each woman hostage for ransom money, the group has to find a way to capture him.

The Skipper, Gilligan and the Professor made a trap, catching Gilligan instead of the kidnapper. The good thing is that as the kidnapper, Norbett Wiley, tried to take the Skipper, he got caught.

Wiley wasn't like any average criminal; he was a smooth talker who convinced the castaways that he was a good guy. The professor was against letting him go, but the others were confident that Wiley needed help changing his illegal ways. This made the group debate about keeping him as a prisoner.

Once they finally got the professor to give Wiley a chance, the group soon discovered it was a mistake. The castaways threw him a welcome back to society party to celebrate the criminal "turning over a new leaf." While at the party, he stole their wallets, jewelry and more. He even stole Ginger's earrings as they were dancing!

Don Rickles guest starred on the Gilligan's Island episode, "The Kidnapper," where he was the smoother talker. In real life, the actor was different from Norbett Wiley. Of course, he wasn't a criminal, but he wasn't a smooth talker either.

Rickles was the opposite and believed he was "too soft." In an interview with The Shreveport Journal in 1978, the actor said he was "too easy" to get along with, and that enabled people to take advantage of him.

"I'm too much of a softie. Always trying to go along. I'll say, 'Whatever you guys think...' and I really don't like the idea," he said.

Some might read that quote and say, "Well, he doesn't necessarily always have to be a part of ideas that he doesn't like." Yet, Rickles built a career out of making fun of people and himself, so it worked.

He was also great at what he did and made audiences laugh worldwide, which brought him happiness. Rickles was known for getting respect on stage, and even hecklers respected him!

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wallyandbagfan 1 day ago
Guests Don Rickles and Skip Homier as bank robbers on The
Addams Family .
wallyandbagfan 8 days ago
Its So Nice To Be With You is the song with the Gilligan and Mary Ann Summers Video .
wallyandbagfan 8 days ago
Close To You with clips of Professor Roy Hinkley (Russell Johnson) and
Mary Ann Summers (Dawn Wells).
Henderson 11 days ago
Can't stand Rickles or Phil Silvers..........loud and obnoxious.
Mark 11 days ago
Rickles even played insufferable comedians on dramas like I Spy and Run For Your Life.
JHP 12 days ago
What a great episode! Will try and squirrel it away on my DVR:)

tootsieg 12 days ago
Only Don Rickles could get away with his comedy. He knew where to draw the line.
JHP tootsieg 12 days ago
Can you imagine him or his humor today? People's skin nowadays would shame an onion.
LoveMETV22 JHP 12 days ago
I get a chuckle how some get worked up over the Archie Bunker character, while various comedians have used similar material in their routines. In fairness to Carroll O'Connor, he was portraying a character. Comedians on the other hand, (it's their material), just saying and JMO.
JHP LoveMETV22 12 days ago
yeah agreed - stand up insult comedians and Archie bunker and buddy sorell type characters are on the same planet but different countries
McGillahooala 13 days ago
Maybe the best comedian ever.
JHP McGillahooala 12 days ago
remember he was great on DVD being a con:)
Runeshaper 14 days ago
Don Rickles was AWESOME 🤩!!!
AgingDisgracefully 15 days ago
ALL comedians are insult comedians.
If they do it right.
BrittReid 15 days ago
Don Rickles was always funny when he appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny.
Andybandit 16 days ago
I never saw the episode with Don Rickles on GI.
PaulSarn 16 days ago
Can't convince ME hockey puck!🤓😎✌🏻
Mblack 16 days ago
I always liked Don Rickle'scappearance on Get Smart.
Jaxter14 Mblack 11 days ago
He was funny on an episode of I Dream Of Jeannie.
LoveMETV22 16 days ago
That was a fun story. Yes Don Rickles was one of several Insult Comedians and was good at his craft. He is always fun to watch in various TV Series and other appearances he has made.
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