Eddie Albert on Eva Gabor's ''Green Acres'' audition: ''No one else had a chance after we saw her.''

Albert knew that Gabor was meant for the role.

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After playing a married couple for a number of years on Green Acres, Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor had become great friends. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, and as an audience, we know that there were no two people better for the Douglas family than Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert. But it turns out that Albert had an understanding of just how perfect Gabor was for the role of Lisa Douglas right from the very beginning.

In an interview with the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Albert explained that it was love at first audition for him when he first saw Eva Gabor auditioning for Green Acres.

"There was just something so ludicrous about her Hungarian accent in these surroundings," said Albert. "No one else had a chance after we saw her test."

Of course, Eva Gabor and Lisa Douglas share more than a few similarities, a fact Gabor was more than willing to admit, and one that no doubt helped her understand the character better.

"I was on a farm once," said Gabor. "It was just like this one on the show. Terrible. I didn't like it. I do not have to call on tremendous reserves of acting to play the part of a disdainful occupant of this farm. In the script, they made me a city-loving person and I am indeed just that."

"I love everyone on the show, and everything about the show," she said. "Why? Because I DON'T HAVE TO LIVE ON A FARM, EXCEPT DURING WORKING HOURS."

But while the rural life definitely wasn't for Gabor, she was proud to be among the cast of Green Acres. "We have fun," she said. "We laugh. It's great. The ups and downs of show business — sometimes you work so hard, and then there are no jobs. This series came along so fast I hadn't time to really catch my breath."

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Fred_Clampett 24 days ago
I can't imagine anyone else in the role.
Runeshaper 28 days ago
Eva Gabor was perfect for the role!
McGillahooala 28 days ago
Great show. She does an incredible job playing Lisa.
harlow1313 28 days ago
She is so believably a part of the absurd world this program creates. I have always admired the show. I have a taste for absurdity.
justjeff harlow1313 28 days ago
... then you should move to Miami. We are the Capitol of the Absurd!🤣
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