Fisher-Price is celebrating 60 years of the Chatter Telephone toy with a version that makes real phone calls

“A phone smart enough not to come with any apps.”


Since its launch in 1961, the Chatter Telephone toy from Fisher-Price has become one of the most iconic playthings the company has ever produced.

The colorful, friendly-faced phone has remained mostly unchanged over the past six decades. The original wood base is gone but you can still buy new versions with a rotary dial.

Because of its longevity, the phone pulls at the nostalgic heartstrings of three different generations who all pretended to make important calls with it as kids, sometimes well past the one to three-year-old age range designated by Fisher-Price.

The company hopes to capitalize on this prolific nostalgia with the launch of a special, real and working edition of the Chatter Telephone to celebrate its 60th birthday. It can make and receive phone calls and even has a speaker phone option.

Instead of a landline, it’s a wireless device that connects to any cellphone via Bluetooth. It even has a rechargeable battery!

Luckily, the modern amenities stop there. It comes with a working rotary dial and the only thing “mobile” about it is the wheels. In fact, Fisher-Price touts it as “a phone smart enough not to come with any apps.”

While you can pick up the toy version for ten dollars, this 60th anniversary Bluetooth edition will set you back sixty bucks. It’s currently available for preorder online from Best Buy. No word yet on if the eyes wobble when you pull it.

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WordsmithWorks 1 month ago
I must have this. I will have this.
Peter_Falk_Fan 1 month ago
But can it talk to the dead like Bill Mumy's toy phone in Twilight Zone's "Long Distance Call".
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I would also like to talk to
My mother Dorothy Engleman Campbell
My father Samuel Louis
And Best Friend David Hodges
There were 7 gentleman associated with the 3 Stooges. I would want to talk to all of them, and that would include Ted Healey.
If you have read any of their background then you would be familiar with the name Ted Healey. {Are you?} He was a best friend of Moe's. He's the one who created the 3 Stooges. In fact, they were originally called Ted Healey and His Stooges. The original line up was Shemp Moe and Larry. They even did a few shorts together. {I can't recall if Shemp did them or not. He might've left the troupe already, so baby bro. Curly filled in.} The falling out might've been due to TH's drinking.
Yes I remember Ted Healy
And I would like to see the
Shorts he made with More
Larry and Shemp.
You should be able to view some of the Three Stooges Shorts on Youtube.
Runeshaper 1 month ago
I love the old version and the new version sounds AWESOME! It's pretty cool that you can use it to make actual phone calls (-:
Michael 1 month ago
Remember the toy typewriters that you had to turn a wheel to select the character, then press on the"keyboard " (just a large surface with typewriter keys printed on it) to type the character? My first typewriter.

I wonder how they'd update that.

Ihad a good selection of Major Matt Mason stuff, until two years ago when I was in the hospital and my sister tossed the collection.
15inchBlackandWhite 1 month ago
Would a child in 2021 even recognize what this is supposed to be anymore?
I wondered the same thing. 🤔
Speaking of wondering....I'm wondering what the next updated version of a nostalgic toy FP or whomever will come out with? Oh, here's an idea: an adult version of See 'N' Say. Instead of turning, and spinning the dial, pulling the string and hearing: "This is a pig..."another sound/noise is heard!
I never had one but I remember a friend’s little cousin had one. I loved the turkey. 🦃
kkvegas stephaniestavr5 1 month ago
I had two See 'N Say toys when I was growing up in the 1960's -- the farmer one and Mr. Sound Says, which had sounds like a typewriter, a siren, and a train.
KJExpress kkvegas 1 month ago
I had something similar, but it was a clock. It would tell the time for each number. After a while I got bored with it and used to put the pointer between the numbers. It would get confused and come out all garbled. 🤪
KJExpress 1 month ago
I had one of these. It was mostly made out of wood, IIRC. Goodness knows what was in the paint.
kkvegas KJExpress 1 month ago
My Playskool Little People were made of wood. Those were the good ol' days!
bagandwallyfan52 1 month ago
Those telephones are nice but
Does anyone know the name
Of the company that made
SLINKY? Is the Slinky still
Being made? What makes the
Slinky move upstairs,????
Wikipedia page on the "Slinky". Read at your leisure. Yes it is still available.
Moriyah 1 month ago
OMG! It can make real phone calls now?! Omg, now I'm wishing that version was around when I was I kid!
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This Chatter Telephone reboot gives a new meaning to the the AT&T{?} slogan "Reach out and touch someone!" {Remember this?}
The article sums it up well:
"The company "hopes" to capitalize on this prolific nostalgia with the launch of a special, real and working edition of the Chatter Telephone to celebrate its 60th birthday."
"Hope" is a good description, and they're definitely trying to capitalize on its nostalgic value and its 60th birthday. LoL. Oh well guess we'll have to wait and see. I hope MeTV doesen't do anymore stories on it, One was enough.
You're right, one was enough. But I bet we can all look forward to their next installment similar to this one. I doubt that they will stop with just one story about the reconfiguration of a toy.
Did you see what I wrote to MrsPhilHarris? She was wondering about something. So I replied I was wondering too about what the next toy reboot would be. Then I had the thought: an adult version of See 'N' Say. Do you remember these? You'd turn the spinner have it point at something and then pull the cord. My example: "This is a pig..." Instead of a pig sound, an adult sound would be heard. One that is not intended for little ears to hear. If you know what I mean?!?! And I think you do!
Well hopefully a one and done deal. They have not announced a release date and you have to pre-order according to the Best Buy link MeTV included in the story. I'm sure Mattel, Hasbro, Lego as well as the other toy manufacturers are watching this one.
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