M*A*S*H and Mayberry are coming to Sunday nights on MeTV

Make it a family viewing night with two beloved sitcom classics. Beginning November 28.

Mayberry and M*A*S*H, two mainstays of MeTV. These brilliant television shows — calling them "sitcoms" hardly does them justice — continue to pull our heartstrings and take us to a different place and time. As different as they might be, one thing they do have in common is that they are timeless classics.

The Andy Griffith Show and M*A*S*H already delight viewers of all ages on weeknights. Now the two series are coming to Sunday evenings, beginning November 28. Settle down for supper with your loved ones and step back into Mayberry and the 4077th.

Catch one full hour of The Andy Griffith Show at 6PM | 5C, followed by a full hour of M*A*S*H at 7PM | 6C.

After our visits to Mayberry and the M*A*S*H unit, Monk is on the case! The neurotic Sherlock solves crimes in San Francisco for two full hours beginning at 8PM | 7C. (Why is Columbo no longer on MeTV? Mystery solved here.)

Afterward, stay tuned for vivacious variety courtesy of The Ed Sullivan Show at 10PM | 9C and Carol Burnett at 11PM | 10C.

It's an evening of warmth, whodunnits and wisecracks — only on MeTV starting November 28!

Watch M*A*S*H on MeTV!

One Full Hour

Weeknights at 7 PM

*available in most MeTV markets
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KC 9 days ago
I respectfully disagree with some of the other commenters, I never get tired of MASH and AG, but I would like to see WKRP come back in some time slot.
Shatner1 10 days ago
ENOUGH!!!!! I love TAGS I watch it 10x a week--But that's ENOUGH! I love the !st 3 seasons of MASH! (Trapper and Henry years) but even when you are showing this cycle 12x a week ENOUGH! Come on! McCloud, McMillan and Wife, Route 66, 77 Sunset Strip, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, Thriller!, Outer Limits, Ben Casey, Medical Center, The FBI..................Many , many more! I'm watching more and more TCM!!!!
Goldilocks357 11 days ago
How about some of the other original 1970’s Sunday Night “NBC Mystery Movies” like McCloud, McMillon and Wife, Banacek, The Snoop Sisters…
albundy Goldilocks357 8 days ago
Tubi and IMDB have most of those the last time I noticed. Never noticed or heard of the "Snoop Sisters".
Pumpkinseed8 12 days ago
Like everyone else I’m so sick of MASH, Andy G, and Hogans Hero’s. When MeTV first launched they briefly aired Quincy M.E. Please bring that back. Or Hawaii 5-0, Ironside Barbary Jones in every location and let’s not forget All In the Family and the list goes on. I understand what others are saying that it’s probably a stop gap measure but come in on!!! Antenna TV is becoming serious competition.
13Karen 12 days ago
That’s a terrible Sunday night lineup. I agree Monk doesn’t even belong on MeTV
XB450 13 days ago
Comcast NBCUniversal decided to cancel the contract and force you to subscribe to Peacock
stevea0816 14 days ago
I think a good fill to replace Columbo would be The Fugitive and Hawaii Five O
DZee 16 days ago
Monk sucks and shouldn't even be on MeTV.....it's not classic TV.
frankz236 16 days ago
How bout The Odd Couple, Barney Miller, Love American Style, More Honeymooners
DZee frankz236 16 days ago
and Taxi.....Newhart.....
Tbatman66 16 days ago
How about airing shows like The Fugitive and Hawaii Five-0.
MichaelBarilla 17 days ago
Ok, how many times do we have too continue to watch Andy Griffith and Mash. Surely there are other shows to choose from to schedule. How about the wild Wild West, or move Star Trek back to late afternoon early evening. How about Hawaiian Eye. Come on, start playing some good programs. Mommas Family, really!!!!
My vote is for wild wild west
ReidDavis 17 days ago
And this is supposed to be celebratory "big" news? VERY lazy & redundant
Rick ReidDavis 17 days ago
This is trying to make lemonade out of lemons. They lost the rights to "Columbo" and they're putting a positive spin on it. I bet they get a different Sunday lineup in the next several months.
Coldnorth 17 days ago
Kinda dumb question but do the older show people still get residuals from their show
usmale49 Coldnorth 17 days ago
I suppose it depends on their contracts.
Pacificsun usmale49 16 days ago
If they're still alive.
Michael Pacificsun 16 days ago
Were they lifetime residuals, the actor's lifetime, or do the kids inherit?
Pacificsun Michael 15 days ago
This ruling pertains to the Writer's Guild of America. (In perpetuity).

The rules for actors (various billings) are a little different, but can be from one to four months after showing. Details are in this link.

Keep in mind that contracts are individually negotiated. For some, an extended payout is good. For others, they might want a percentage of the production. And for others, just higher, more immediate compensation up front. Depends on the actor's needs, and their value.
Reblax 17 days ago
Why would you put the same shows on Sunday night that are already on Monday-Friday evenings, too many of the same shows on all the time. METV's been doing a poor job of refreshing/updating their schedule (see Monk).
Rick Reblax 17 days ago
Because they lost the rights to "Columbo." I think this is a stopgap measure until they find a long-term solution for Sunday evenings.
tootsieg 17 days ago
My Wish List is 77 Sunset Strip, Route 66, Burke’s Law and Honey West.
Michael tootsieg 17 days ago
I think all of those were on MeTV at some point.

They put on Baa Baa Blacksheep with the usual fanfare on Sunday night, it didn't last more than a year. I don't know if it got low ratings, orif having only 2 seasons was the issue. MASH and other long running shows, at least there's a long time between repeats. The Waltons takes almost a year to cycle through.

MacGuyver was on, I think in conjunction with th.e remake. I think it lasted only six months, till the schedule changed
Pacificsun Michael 16 days ago
They're both on H&I
Mark 17 days ago
METV aired the original NBC Columbo movies since its launch as a national diginet every Sunday night until December 2017.

Then METV aired the 24 ABC Columbo movies (1988 to 2003) in 2018 and 2019 while COZI broadcast the original NBC movies. The 2 diginets switched Columbo franchises starting January 2020.

Apparently METV won't even be allowed to acquire the rights to show the ABC Columbo movie series. Truly the end of an era.

I would like to know the future of Columbo on COZI if anyone knows.
DZee Mark 16 days ago
Columbo is on Sundance if you get that channel.
XB450 Mark 13 days ago
Cozi is basically a Nanny Office network
HalCromwell 17 days ago
I really like MASH and like Andy, but, they have 1 hour each every Weekday and now will have 1 hour each on Sunday. That makes 6 hours each every week. How long till we get sick of them?
ma2lyssa HalCromwell 12 days ago
Right about now
priceisrightrusher 18 days ago
Would love more love boat instead of Andy then MASH
How about "Love Boats" relative, "Fantasy Island".
lnieting 18 days ago
OMG, MASH is on a ton of channels. Enough! Also, The Andy Griffith Show. I swear it's on 24/7 everywhere.
JHP lnieting 17 days ago
I agree but they think we need to have more
Pacificsun JHP 16 days ago
They only have to guarantee an aging demographic to sell Medicare Benefits, Colonial Penn Life (Death) Insurance, Car Insurance, and the others. It doesn't matter what they show as long as it's classic TV.
JHP Pacificsun 16 days ago
you hit a bullseye right there

I think I got incontinence (from the unless inane ads) and I'm a male
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