Martin Milner said he lacked the drive to be a superstar

His definition of success was different from his peers.


What happened to Martin Milner after Adam-12? It sounds like he had a great time, at least according to a 1994 interview with The Toronto Star.

He kept in great shape by eating well and walking. Around that time, he was golfing a ton, which was a great way to get his steps in. There were plenty of celebrity golf tournaments across the United States to keep him busy.

"I don't usually win but I have a lot of fun," he said.

Fun, for a senior citizen, is more important than work, in Milner's mind. That philosophy was at the center of every decision he made later in life. He was very happily married and celebrated his 36th anniversary that year.

But why didn't we see a late-career renaissance for Milner as we saw for so many of his Hollywood peers?

"I'll be candid," said Milner. 

"The really big stars have a drive that made them into superstars. They can't turn it off when they have that success. I certainly was not driven by a great dedication that made me succeed or else."

The newspaper posited that this made him sound like a bum.

"It's terrible," said Milner," but it's true.

Real happiness came from his relationships with his family, instead of some sort of outside validation from the Hollywood elite. While he may not have led a typical career, his marriage made him a perfect role model for anybody with questions about long-lasting love.

"She's real easy to get along with, easier than I am," Milner said of his wife, Judy.

"We both have a good sense of humor and that helps and we enjoy doing things together, especially traveling."

Martin Milner was a very successful man, and he got to do exactly what he loved after his famous TV appearances. 

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tootsieg 1 month ago
Martin Milner had a wonderful TV and film career. Route 66 was one of the coolest shows of all time. He and his family got to see the USA because most of the shows were filmed on location.
Adam-12 was and still is popular now on retro TV. I think it was on for 7 seasons. I watch it every night.
brigarzmetv123 1 month ago
My favorite show when I was 9yrs old!! Still love the show today, even though it's a bit cheesy at times, I really enjoy this show. Love the backdrop when they are driving around town, paying close attention to the billboards, now none existing banks, restaurants. Brings back so many great memories from my childhood that I wouldn't change for the world 🌎!!
GioLovesMash 1 month ago
did you that ket play a video game???
DocForbin 1 month ago
I don't think he had anything to complain about. After all, before Adam-12 he was on Route 66 and there was his unforgettable performance in the "Mirror Image" episode on the original Twilight Zone.
KentuckyPhil69 1 month ago
Martin Milner... The definition of class...
McGillahooala 1 month ago
Sounds like he had a great life and got what he wanted to get out of his time as an actor.
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