Remembering Josie Lloyd, who played both the mayor's daughter and Goober's gal in Mayberry

Her famous father opened the door to Hollywood. She later led a very private life.

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Last month, Norman Lloyd passed away. At the age of 106, he was the oldest living television star. You might encounter Lloyd while watching Alfred Hitchcock. The New Jersey native appeared in several episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents — and directed even more episodes of Presents and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. Decades later, Lloyd portrayed Dr. Daniel Auschlander on St. Elsewhere. In his early 70s at the time, he was a mentor to cast members like Helen Hunt and Mark Harmon.

Lloyd's obituaries understandably focused on his age and his well-known roles. But there was one piece of information that went overlooked in the news stories.

The Washington Post reported, "His daughter, Susanna Baird, who had acted under the name Josie Lloyd, died in 2020."

We knew Baird as Josie Lloyd, as that is how she was billed on The Andy Griffith Show. The younger Lloyd appeared four times on the beloved sitcom — as two different characters. Her two characters both had some major inconsistencies.

She first turned up in Mayberry as Mayor Pike's daughter, Juanita Pike, in "Mayberry Goes Hollywood." Wearing glasses, the bookish young woman sings "Flow Gently, Sweet Afton." A few weeks later, Ms. Pike appeared again in "The Beauty Contest," only this time her name was "Josephine."

The lovely J. Pike was never seen again, mostly because Dick Elliott, who played Mayor Pike, died in 1961. But Lloyd would return — as a date for both Andy and Goober.

In season three, the actress was cast as Lydia Crosswaithe, a friend of Thelma Lou. Barney sets her up with Andy in "Barney Mends a Broken Heart." Lydia would return two years later for "Goober and the Art of Love," only this time she was dating Goober Pyle. In another case of broken continuity, Lydia does not seem to be friends with Thelma Lou.

The important thing, though, is that Lloyd is charming in her handful of Mayberry appearances. She serves up silly lines like, "I hate the outdoors. When I go out into the sun, I get the herpes."

Elsewhere, Lloyd unsurprisingly guest-starred on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, thanks to her dad's connection. After a couple more TV gigs, she disappeared from acting in 1967. 

Information about her life is hard to come by after that point, aside from her marriage in the Baird family of puppeteers. We were unable to pinpoint the day of her passing, other than the "2020" that was reported. But at least she lives on in Mayberry.

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PilotTom 4 days ago
Gee , MeTv WFOX channel 30.2 in Jacksonville Florida is showing two Andy Griffith shows tonight ! Thank you very much !
Phylo 4 days ago
I always thought she was a cutie pie. I would have asked her out for a date in a heartbeat.
Pilaf 4 days ago
Josie Lloyd was a delight on TAGS. I'm sorry to hear she passed away. I hope she knew how beloved she was by fans of the show.
PilotTom 5 days ago
No Mayberry for Northeast Florida area !!!!!!!! MeTv which airs on our local WFOX channel 30.2 will not air Andy nor answer emails as to why not .
Pilaf PilotTom 4 days ago
How awful! And stupid!
John 6 days ago
The scene where they were arguing about who was going to sit where in the car and Andy, Barney and Goober all ended up in the front seat and the girls in the back was pretty funny.
John 6 days ago
Barney :" Goober keeps hanging around , dragging that albatross along".
MikefromJersey 6 days ago
Just an aside but today I watched the Return to Mayberry movie that MeTV ran last month. And
like last year, the sync is still off, one second yes but still annoying.
I politely pointed this out last year in a note to the honchos here, but no go. This is TV engineering
101, it can't be that much effort to fix the version they have.
I recently did a piece on the Lydia Crosswaithe character on my “Town of Mayberry” Facebook Group.
Muleskinner 6 days ago
She hated to chit-chat. She didn’t mind an ordinary conservation, but she hated chit-chat.
gwendolyn Muleskinner 6 days ago
I remember her saying that, Hilarious! 😂
Krn Muleskinner 5 days ago
That episode is flawless. She played that part so well 🙂. And Andy stopping the car to retrieve her bow. Priceless!
rleary1 Muleskinner 4 days ago
Besides chit-chat, she hates the outdoors (problem with the sun lol) and she hates the guitar! I always loved her dead-pan delivery!
MikefromJersey 6 days ago
Josie Lloyd, if she had continued as a character actress could have had a nice career as a
typecast "mousie" type. Hollywood no longer cultivates those faces you have seen a 100 times,
can't name but they are perfect in their niche, like Charles Lane. Who is Charles Lane you ask?
Exactly, but if you saw his mug you'd know him in a heartbeat.
These "third banana" types cost more money, so today productions cast any warm body instead.
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Pilaf MikefromJersey 4 days ago
After "Jed Clampett" attacked her, when she was running for Congress, I never felt the same way about him. It was a cruel & needless thing to do.
Wiseguy MikefromJersey 4 days ago
Its. It's is a contraction usually meaning "it is."
MikefromJersey Wiseguy 4 days ago
Wiseguy wrote - Its. It's is a contraction usually meaning "it is."
Why thank you. I have some old essay papers from Miss Ninesling's 7th grade English class
at RJHS in Westfield, NJ. Maybe you could give them the once over and correct them for
me? Thanks pal. I also have hemorrhoids, perhaps a quick look on your part might result
in the correct remedy? Thank you again for your interest.
AnnieM MikefromJersey 12 minutes ago
The video is terrible quality, but it's the only one I could find:
Kenner 7 days ago
If she ate a certain thing she would get a case of the ‘herpes,’ I think when she was Goobers date, as I recall.
Kenner eurogenes 7 days ago
Uh, yeah...she did say ‘herpes.’ Ok ok it’s when she went out in the sun. 🙄
Maverick66 Kenner 7 days ago
I'm pretty sure she was talking about herpes 1, which is the virus that causes cold sores in a person's mouth or on the lips. It's not a reference to herpes 2, which is the one that affects the nether regions. This was TAGS in the early '60s, after all, STD allusions wouldn't fly in those days.
Kenner Maverick66 7 days ago
Thanks for the explanation, Doc. 😀
Maverick66 Kenner 7 days ago
You're welcome, Bugs. 😄 (Couldn't help but go Looney Toons on you after reading your response).
“I hate the outdoors. When I go out in the sun, I get the herpes.”

-Lydia Crosswaithe
LoveMETV22 Maverick66 3 days ago
Lol! . That episode was on a few days ago. They so just wanted to give her the brush off.
harlow1313 7 days ago
As a pin up gal, I place Lydia Crosswaithe right up there with Jethrine Bodine! Va-va-va-voom!
You wrote:
"...Jethrine Bodine! Va-va-va-voom!"
Jethrine? You are one sick puppy, Harlow. :)
I shudder to think of your reaction if Hoss Cartwright and Hop Sing got in drag as well.
Well, I did rather fancy Miss Hathaway.
Jayme 8 days ago
She hated the outdoors.. the sun gave her the herpes... actual line from the show.
eurogenes Jayme 7 days ago
Not quite
Maverick66 8 days ago
"Goober, would you tell her to quit hanging her head out of the window like a dog?" 😛

She made the most out of her appearances on TAGS.
eurogenes 8 days ago
I hate the outdoors. When I go out in the sun, I get the herpes. 🤣🤣🤣.
Her surprise blind date with Andy is one of my all-time favorite scenes. She was hilarious with her deadpan humor, and Andy’s expressions were priceless. RIP Ms Lloyd.
And pretzels lay on her chest. 🥨
robyni23 eurogenes 6 days ago
And she hates the guitar.
Andybandit 8 days ago
How sad. Is this the Juanita that Barney is in love with when he is not with Thelma Lou.
eurogenes Andybandit 8 days ago
No. Barney‘s “Juanita” was Juanita Beasley, not the Mayor’s daughter Juanita Pike.
I don't recall Juanita ever being in a episode, or am I wrong?
Juanita Beasley never appeared.
Thanks for the info. I always imagined Juanita as being Rita Moreno as she appeared in
West Side Story, no wonder she had all the men in Mayberry panting. Maybe the writers
intended that she remain unseen, leaving it to the men's imagination.
denny 8 days ago
She was great on TAGS with her deadpan delivery. RIP
"Not from Ancient Greece!"
JohnDavid 8 days ago
I enjoyed the history you shared to one of my all time favorites. Thanks so Much!
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