Susan Olsen and Mike Lookinland got ''married'' during the first season of The Brady Bunch

Maureen McCormick was the minister, and the camping episode was their honeymoon.

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While America grew to know and love the Bradys as a family unit, it's important to remember that behind the scenes, they were just a group of unrelated actors who spent half a decade together — and that's not even counting the spinoffs and reunions.

Of course, as the kids grew up over the years, there was no shortage of puppy love, teenage crushes and kissing co-stars on the set. Maybe the first and most innocent example is Susan Olsen and Mike Lookinland, who played Cindy and Bobby, getting "married" early in the first season.

The youngest Brady actors had decided that they were in love, which necessitated a marriage ceremony. In Barry Williams' book Growing Up Brady, Susan Olsen recounted the happy day.

"So Maureen [McCormick] made like a minister, and we held a ceremony. She asked Michael if he wanted to take me as his 'awfully wedded wife' and did like six other bad wedding jokes, but when it was over, me and Mikey were married."

While Mike and Carol's honeymoon was the subject of the pilot episode, the younger couple's was a little less dramatic.

"We were filming that camping episode ["A-Camping We Will Go"] at the time, and that became our honeymoon," Olsen said. "So we're on location, walking along hand in hand like a coupla geeks, and I remember Michael gushing to Ann B. [Davis], 'We're maaaaaarried now,' and Annie of course just said something like 'Oh, that's nice, I'm very happy for you.'"

For most of the first season, the newlyweds were a happy couple, even sneaking off to steal kisses in Tiger's doghouse (Tiger was the family dog — if you don't remember, that's understandable, since he vanished halfway through the second season.) But as young love often does, eventually the infatuation fizzled out.

"We got a divorce," Olsen said, "And the way that our twisted little brains worked we decided that to really be divorced, we'd have to do the entire wedding ceremony over again, only this time we'd have to do it backwards. I remember instead of kissing, we kinda spit on each other, and we walked backwards down the aisle, and that did it. We were officially divorced."

It was an amicable divorce, at least, and Olsen and Lookinland remain good friends. Olsen even named her son after him.

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