The LAPD pays tribute to Martin Milner

Costars, family, the Chief of Police and bagpipers honored the 'Adam-12' star who passed away last month.

Television producer and creator Jack Webb strove for realism. Though fictional, his gripping shows documented the real day-to-day struggles and glories of Los Angeles law enforcement, firefighters and EMTs. Adam-12 and Emergency! set the mold for modern procedurals like Law & Order and Chicago Fire. Webb would have been thrilled to know just how much his creations meant — and continue to mean — to the real men and women who serve and protect.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Police Department paid tribute to Martin Milner, a star of Adam-12. Milner, who portrayed Officer Pete Malloy, died on September 6 at the age of 83. Milner's family was in attendence, as was his Adam-12 costar Kent McCord. A video tribute was shown and heartfelt eulogies were given. Bagpipers from the Los Angeles Police Emerald Society guard were also on hand for the homage.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck delivered a particularly moving speech.

“As you watch any of the 'Adam-12' episodes, you see professional, compassionate, internally driven, hardworking, clean-cut, impeccably tailored, fit Los Angeles police officers — those police officers that have no dark side, that do the right things for the right reasons every time. And that is the image that drew us all to this place.”

Read more about the event and see pictures at The Los Angeles Times.

Milner also starred in Route 66, which celebrated its 55th birthday this week.

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MikeBaker 62 months ago
I would like to see Emergency and Adam 12, come back on to the METV channel, very much so.
Kam525814 MikeBaker 42 months ago
Adam 12 is on there
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