Do you remember all these 1970s Saturday morning cartoons?

Channel surf through your youth with vintage network ads.

Pour yourself a cold bowl of cereal. We're taking a tour through the Saturday morning lineups of the Me Decade. Cartoons have always been somewhat surreal, but this was the era in which animation got outright weird. Basketball players, talking chimps, soul singers, superheroes and dinosaurs brushed shoulders on the lineup. Familiar characters were sent to unlikely times. Archie was touring America's past. The Partridge Family went to the far future. Meanwhile, Yogi Bear was in outer space. There were also dozens of delightful live-action series.

The networks drew up some colorful advertisements to promote their Saturday slates. These vivid comic strips appeared in newspapers and TV Guide. Here are some of our favorites of the 1970s.

What shows were you watching?

ABC 1970

This lineup is loaded with obscurities, from Will the Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down! to Here Come the Double-Deckers!, which featured seven kids living in a London bus in a junk yard.

CBS 1970

Meanwhile, over on the Eye that season, Archie Comics characters reigned, from Sabrina to Josie. The Harlem Globetrotters led into Archie and his Riverdale gang, though both crews would get significantly weirder in a couple years.

ABC 1972

Singing families were the order of the day, with the Jackson 5ive, The Brady Kids and the Osmond Brothers filled the morning.

CBS 1974

Image: Mister Kitty

In perhaps the most outlandish lineup of show titles in TV history, kids could binge on Partridge Family 2200 A.D.The Harlem Globetrotters Popcorn Machine, The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show and The U.S. of Archie.

CBS 1978

Tarzan and the Super Seven stuff a ton of cartoons into 90 minutes. Lesser-known superheroes Web Woman and Manta may not have been Spider-Woman and Aquaman, but they were close enough. (Though not too close, lawyers.)

NBC 1978

It's the Fantastic Four! Only, instead of the Human Torch, there's a kooky robot. And who could forget Godzilla?

ABC 1979

Animators got a little cruel in naming their animal characters with Fangface and Yukk, the world's ugliest dog.

CBS 1979

The fare turned rather classic and nostalgic with stalwart characters like Bugs Bunny and Mighty Mouse.

NBC 1979

Pop quiz! You didn't think we'd let you reminisce about your school years without a little test? Don't worry, this one is fun — and rather easy.

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RobertDubs 44 months ago
MeTV should revive TVLand's 'Super Retrovision Saturdaze' from the late 90's.
pius 44 months ago
I'd love to see these shows return on Saturdays.
BxHanx 53 months ago
Is MeTV brought those shows back on Saturday morning, I might never get a lick of work done on those mornings.
TommyBrax 53 months ago
Guarantee ME tv rankings will sky rocket by airing Saturday morning cartoons I even enjoyed the commercials. Alternate weekly ABC , NBC , CBS . I was a ABC kid
JeromeSmith 53 months ago
Can Me-TV get access to these shows and help us relive the Saturday mornings of our past?
TimothyWashington 53 months ago
I think MeTV should show classic cartoons from Saturday mornings from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
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