William Boyett's daughter liked Mannix better than her father's show, Adam-12

Boyett's daughter was a harsh critic.

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Children are prone to rebelling against their parents once they turn a certain age, which generally means they develop a love for the things that their parent detests. This is a normal part of childhood, and shouldn't come as a shock to many parents.

Adam-12's William Boyett lived the unconventional life of an actor, which was coupled with his responsibilities as a parent, as Boyett was also a father of two. While it might seem normal to some for Boyett's children to want to follow in their father's footsteps, that simply wasn't the case.

Boyett said that his daughter, Suzy, wasn't especially thrilled with the idea of becoming an actor, and as a parent, Boyett accepted his daughter's choice, though she was still fairly young at the time.

"She's never really expressed interest in the movie business, and I haven't encouraged her," Boyett said to the Daily News-Post. "She's wanted to be a veterinarian ever since she was a little girl, and I hope she does."

Not only did Suzy seem to lack an interest in acting, but she also revealed in the interview that she wasn't the biggest fan of a show like Adam-12, in which her father frequently appeared as Sergeant. MacDonald

"Mannix is my favorite right now," she said, referencing the Mike Connors-led series. In addition, Boyett's son, Kevin confessed that while he enjoyed Adam-12, his favorite show was M*A*S*H.

Boyett didn't hold his children's television preferences against them, as Adam-12 still had an impact on his family that was visible through Boyett's values as a father when raising his children.

"I want my children to have good moral standards," he said. "I expect them to obey the law and do what's right." Luckily, Boyett's parenting skills clearly had the desired effect. "They're doing fine, though, and I'm proud of them," he said.

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AnnieM 7 days ago
Well...Mike Connors was hot! 😉
WordsmithWorks 11 days ago
Mac is one of my favorite Adam-12 characters. If Joe Friday had stayed in uniform, he'd be Mac.
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