Svengoolie® Artist Collection 2022
About Bill Morrison

Bill Morrison has spent his career as an artist and writer working with the most iconic characters in popular culture, from Mickey Mouse to Svengoolie!

Morrison began his career painting movie posters, including many for Walt Disney, such as The Little Mermaid, Bambi, and The Jungle Book. Bill has also spent several years drawing The Simpsons for all kinds of merchandise, and writing, drawing and editing The Simpsons and Futurama comic books for Bongo Comics. He was also Art Director on the Futurama TV series. Most recently, he created a graphic novel adaptation of The Beatles Yellow Submarine, and was Executive Editor of MAD Magazine.

Design Inspiration

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and was a rabid fan of monster movie shows with entertaining and colorful hosts, such as Sir Graves Ghastly and The Ghoul. I thought the era of horror movie shows was long gone, so when I discovered Svengoolie on MeTV I was ecstatic! I was a fan from the opening segment of the first episode I watched!

When I was editing MAD Magazine, I channeled my passion for the show into a Svengoolie feature that hearkened back to the early days of the publication when TV comedians like Bob and Ray and Ernie Kovaks would appear in MAD.

Now I’m thrilled to have been asked to create an official Svengoolie image for MeTV! I began my career painting horror movie posters for films such as “House” and “Blood Diner,” and am a big fan of Universal horror movie posters from the 1940’s, so I dug into my roots and paid tribute to Sven and the films he shows with a classic horror poster.

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