Svengoolie® Artist Collection 2022
About Jim Engel

JIM ENGEL is a noted cartoonist, humorous illustrator, & designer.

He has worked for and with some of the world’s most famous companies and brands, illustrating or designing product featuring some of the world’s most beloved characters and franchises, featuring every major property from Mickey Mouse to the Muppets, from Star Wars to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

He has drawn comic work for DC Comics, King Features Syndicate, Fantagraphics and others, and done hundreds of toy designs for Burger King, McDonald's and Kellogg's. A wide variety of his work can be seen at

Also, an acknowledged Pop Culture historian, he’s appeared on Radio, Television, and in Newspapers, on a variety of entertainment history topics. In addition, he is the Children’s TV Curator for Chicago’s MUSEUM OF BROADCAST COMMUNICATIONS, for which he has produced exhibitions and public events. He was also the subject of an episode of COLLECTOR’S CALL on the MeTV cable network.

‘Burnin’ Rubber Chicken’ Design Inspiration

"A long-time fan of Rich Koz and Svengoolie, I’d wanted to do a piece of tribute art of him for a while, but I was looking for just the right scenario/style for my design. I came up with the idea of depicting Sven in the style of the “Car Monster” T-Shirt/Trading Card/Model Kit art so popular in the ‘60s- ‘70s by guys like Ed” Big Daddy” Roth (RAT FINK), Bill Campbell (WEIRD-OHS), & Stanley Mouse. When I hit on the idea of him driving a Rubber Chicken Hot Rod, and then combined “Burnin’ Rubber” with “Rubber Chicken” I knew I had the monster mash-up I wanted!"

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