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Finally, a collection Lisa knows a little bit about! Here's Kenneth's weird and wacky "Weird Al" collection.

Apr. 21, 2024

Kenneth's love for "Weird Al" Yankovic dates back to his childhood, when Al's response to his fan letter helped him through a tough time. Today, Kenneth isn't just a lifelong fan of the band, but a friend of the band too. 

His collection is just as wacky as "Weird Al" himself. Kenneth has assembled a wild and wonderful range of "Weird Al" artifacts, collectibles and one-of-a-kind treasures that date back to 1983.

With over thousands of "Weird Al" items in his collection, Kenneth has collected everything from Al's very first EP, a vintage screen-used guitar signed by the entire band and much more.

Lisa brought along Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, who in addition to being Al's drummer, is also the band's official archivist. He's a "Weird Al" collector who shares Kenneth's passion for the band. Schwartz even brought a special surprise for Kenneth with a shout-out video message from "Weird Al" himself. 

Let's get weird! Take a look at Kenneth's massive "Weird Al" collection. 

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1. Placebo EP

The "Placebo EP" is the record that started it all for Kenneth! He picked this item up at a record store in Los Angeles and has been adding to his collection ever since. 

There are only 1,000 of these made which makes this item even more rare. This was the very first project our expert, "Bermuda" Schwartz, worked with "Weird Al" on. This item has special meaning for both Kenneth and our expert. 

It was recorded on-air on The Dr. Demento Show in 1980. Kenneth originally paid $8 for this EP and our expert valued it at $500 today.

2. The "Compleat Al" Jacket

Just in case you needed any more proof that Kenneth is one of Al's number one fans, this jacket says it all. 

This jacket was given out to everyone who worked on Al's mockumentary The Compleat Al (1985). This jacket originally belonged to Chuck, who according to "Bermuda" Schwartz, worked as a lawyer for "Weird Al" and his manager. 

Kenneth was able to find this item on eBay from Chuck himself, making it as authentic as it could get. 

There were only around 25 to 30 of these jackets made and Kenneth's is in great condition. Our expert valued this item at $1,500, but it's priceless to Kenneth. 

3. "UHF" Collection

According to Kenneth, UHF (1989) is an essential movie for any "Weird Al" fan. Have you seen it? 

The film was released in various formats and Kenneth has quite the collection of the cult-classic in formats including DVD, Blu-ray, VHS and even Laserdisc. 

You may notice that the cover of these copies come in different languages. Kenneth's collection includes copies from all over the world, except Norway and Russia, which he is currently on the hunt for! 

Our expert valued these items at $1,000. 

4. Concert Scarf

This piece is very special to Kenneth. He and his wife got married in 1994, and the following year they were front row for a "Weird Al" concert. 

During Al's performance of the song "One More Minute," he blew his nose in this scarf and wrapped it around Kenneth's wife. That's one way to meet your hero. 

Al's mucus may or may not still be on this iconic item. 

Our expert valued this item at $200, but the story is worth so much more. 

5. Japanese Cassettes

These classic "Weird Al" cassette tapes are very rare. They contain some of Al's songs from his first album and a few from "Weird Al" Yankovic In 3-D. 

This item was never released in America and could only be seen in Japan. 

Our expert valued these at $750. And if you're wondering, yes, Kenneth has listened to all three of these! 

6. Autographed Guitar

This is a screen-used, autographed guitar originally used by "Weird Al" guitarist Jim "Kimo" West. It was featured in the movie Safety Patrol and was used on several "Weird Al" albums. 

This guitar was given to him by Jim "Kimo" West, and before he sent it to Kenneth, he had it signed by the whole band. 

Kenneth is more than a fan of the band; he's a friend of the band. 

Our expert valued this item at $5,000. It's every "Weird Al" fan's dream.

7. The total value of Kenneth's collection:

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kounterw 1 month ago
What a collection!

I'm a big fan of Al myself. I saw UHF in the theater originally. Bought it on Beta first, then have upgraded to VHS, then DVD, then finally Blu-Ray.

I have seen him in concert in San Antonio 4 times now. A couple of autographs by Al, and once by all members of his band.
Adamtwelvia kounterw 1 month ago
Wow! So lucky! I love him myself but could never get to see him on person.
wbodine112 1 month ago
I'm mad for "Weird Al". I would go to his concerts and sit on the end of the row, praying he would sit on my lap and give me that scarf during "One More Minute". Alas, it never happened. I did 2 VIP meet-and-greets with him during his last tour. He's very health-conscious, so everyone had to wear masks (like him) and there was always a huge sheet of clear plastic between us and him. I told him (through his "person"), "I've waited my whole life for this moment, and I can't even shake your hand!" He was sympathetic, and put his hand on the plastic so I could put mine up there, too (like family members during a prison call). He's a total sweetheart.
Adamtwelvia wbodine112 1 month ago
He's still doing the whole COVID thing?! You CAN get vaccinated now ya know!
Runeshaper 1 month ago
That's weirdly "AL-SOME"! Way to go, Kenneth!
BradBeall 1 month ago
The movie "UHF" is so underrated! Anyone who hasn't seen it yet should find a way to watch it... especially if you like Michael Richards, a.k.a. "Kramer" from the Seinfeld show.
BorisK BradBeall 1 month ago
They shot the majority of UHF in Tulsa, Oklahoma when I was attending the University of Tulsa. Actually have some friends who have bit speaking parts and crowd shots in it.
BradBeall 1 month ago
This comment has been removed.
QazWiz daDoctah 1 month ago
definitely Billy Barty is needed for a remake or sequel but since Mr Barty is dead, what about Brad Williams? not as short, but frankly i think Brad is better for UHF remake or sequel
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