Meet Patric and Harrell: Inside the Collection

This massive Dolly Parton collection has been graced by Dolly herself!

Nov. 15, 2020

You might say Patric Parkey and Harrell Gabehart are big fans of Dolly Parton. Their house is filled with every kind of Dolly memorabilia imaginable, including the bedroom furniture from her personal Dollywood suite, clothing she's worn, her banjo, and even an autographed court sketch of the country queen when she was sued for copyright infringement in the '80s. (Spoiler alert: Dolly won.)

Certified appraiser Judy Martin gives an estimate as to how much the Dolly collection is worth. Let's take a look!

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1. White Rhinestone Outfit

You can't have a Dolly collection without a dazzling rhinestone look. Designer Tony Chase crafted this outfit for the country queen. The rhinestones are hand-stitched, and the entire ensemble weighs about 50 pounds! It's worth somewhere around $4,000.

2. Courtroom Sketch

David Rose was an artist and animator who worked for Disney and Warner Bros. He later went into courtroom sketching! This piece from a suit against Dolly, when someone accused her of lifting elements from another song for her hit "9 to 5." The jury found Dolly innocent in 36 minutes. She later signed this sketch, as did Rose. Patric and Harrell bought it on eBay!

3. 'Wild Texas Wind' Unused Wardrobe

Dolly herself verified that this robe was intended for a scene with Gary Busey in Wild Texas Wind (1991). However, the director preferred how it looked in red on camera, so a darker hue was used. Dolly signed this piece.

4. 'Wild Texas Wind' Shoes

If there's one thing we've learned on Collector's Call, it's that it always pays to have the footwear when collecting an outfit or costume. Yep, Patric and Harrell have the fuzzy matching shoes, too.

5. Dollywood Bedroom Suite

This (California king, of course) bed came right out of Dolly's personal suite in Dollywood. It's worth about $20,000.

6. "Applejack" Banjo

Dolly picked and played this instrument (how does she do it all so darn well?) when performing her song "Applejack" in the 1970s. It's worth about $3,000 today.

7. Housewarming Shoes

Dolly herself came to visit Patric and Harrell's house and see the collection! The gracious superstar even brought a housewarming gift, these autographed 7" red heels. You can see her wearing them in the photo behind the shoes. They're worth about $2,000.

8. 25th Anniversary Dollywood Outfit

Dolly sported this butterfly outfit when celebrating the 25th anniversary of Dollywood. She signed it and gifted it to Patric and Harrell as a surprise for our show. Thanks, Dolly!

9. Dolly Wall

As you can see, Patric and Harrell cover every inch of their house with Dolly.

10. Dolly Dolls

Patric and Harrell make custom Dolly dolls, depicting iconic outfits from her career in miniature.

11. Dolly Was Here

Like we said, Dolly herself came to see this collection. The proof is in the plaque!


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dth1971 42 months ago
Are these Dolly Parton style Barbie dolls?
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