10 cool classic vehicles from Green Acres

The fan-favorite sitcom featured a dune buggy, a Rolls-Royce and practically everything in between.

Green Acres might not be the first show that comes to mind when you think of cool cars on TV, but the zany sitcom had plenty of interesting autos. As the end credits point out, most of the cars on the show were furnished by Ford Motor Company, which is why more than half the vehicles on this list come from Ford or its luxury brand, Lincoln.

But there were also motorcycles, motorhomes and cars from the early 1900s that drove through Hooterville. Some only had quick appearances while others were driven by main characters in almost every episode. Take a look at ten of the most interesting cars seen on Green Acres!

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1. Lincoln Continental Convertible


The Douglas’ main mode of transportation was this sleek, gold Lincoln Continental convertible. It was basically the automobile version of Lisa’s elaborate dresses and Oliver’s three-piece suits – something that stood out in Hooterville and pointed to their earlier Manhattan penthouse lifestyle. In later seasons, Oliver drove a gold Mercury Marquis, a car so similar most viewers probably didn’t notice the change.

2. Meyers Tow’d Dune Buggy


The Meyers Manx dune buggy has been a beach icon for decades. The Meyers Tow’d was a smaller, not-street-legal cousin of the Manx. Both used parts from Volkswagen Beetles. The Tow’d name comes from the need to be towed to a track or desert and also its toad-like appearance. 

3. 1954 Ford Crestline Country Squire


The name of this classic wood-paneled station wagon is almost as long as the car itself! Though it only had a small appearance in the season one episode “Parity Begins at Home,” its unique look makes it worth a special mention.

4. 1966 Ford Commander 6000


This farm vehicle had the honor of playing a title role. In “Never Look a Gift Tractor in the Mouth,” it was the fanciest tractor around with a fully enclosed cabin, air conditioning and 8-track player! ...at least on television. The real tractor didn't come with quite so many amenities but still had the striking blue paint.

5. 1933 Rolls-Royce Phantom II


This classy car is from the very first episode which tells the story of Oliver’s life. It was the perfect set of wheels to carry the New York lawyer and his new bride on their wedding day. 

6. Ford Model A Roadster Pickup


If this hot rod looks straight out of Happy Days, that’s because it is. A few years after a teenager drove it around Hooterville, Ralph Malph took it to Arnold’s Drive-In.

7. 1966 Ford Bronco Roadster


Though this Sixties version may not be as iconic as later models, it’s still a Bronco. It was the perfect all-purpose car for county agricultural agent Hank Kimball. It even has a fold-down windshield!

8. Harley-Davidson custom motorcycle


This early 1950s Harley looks great in red, perfect for a long-haired hippy with a knack for souping up engines. Oliver’s nephew, Chuck, is just such a character in the episode “Uncle Ollie.”

9. 1964 Ford Condor Motorhome


This classic Sixties RV has us wanting to hit the road, though maybe not with Eb’s old friend Tadpole Talbot. In the episode “Four of Spades,” Eb learns that going on tour with a rockstar isn’t has exciting as it seems.

10. 1914 Stutz Bearcat


The oldest vehicle on this list, this roadster is the epitome of early luxury car design. It has plush armchairs for seats, thin bicycle-like wheels and literal trunks for storage. If only you didn’t have to pull a Mr. Haney-level scam to get one.

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LittleMan152 7 months ago
Pretty sneaky how they switched Mr. Douglas car. Just noticed a couple weeks. Main giveaway is the Mercury is a 2 door vs the Lincoln is a 4.
RedSamRackham 13 months ago
* As a rich lawyer why didn't Oliver ever buy a pickup truck AND a new tractor?
I always wondered that myself.
WayneKeith 21 months ago
Never noticed the switch from Lincoln to Mercury. Must've been a Ford dealership in Pixley, or perhaps Crabwell Corners.
66u14FTW 24 months ago
There were actually 3 red broncos used in Green Acres, a 66 67 and a 68, all u13 roadsters. Those three are still around too is the great part!
Hurleywood 25 months ago
I would like to know the make and model of Mr. Haney's truck. Also the make and model of the truck Oliver rented to haul apples.
JHP Hurleywood 25 months ago
at least it worked better than the tractor (see below) that he sold Oliver:)

kinda looked like a ford
Gill Hurleywood 13 months ago
Mr. Haney's Truck was a 1924 Dodge Brothers Touring Car, which would have originally looked like a four door convertible sedan. It was converted to a truck by removing the rear seat sections, and building a wooden "C" cab with a stake flatbed in the back. The truck Oliver rented to haul the apples to market was a 1930 Ford Model AA Fire Truck.
LittleMan152 Hurleywood 7 months ago
It's a Dodge.
JHP 25 months ago
how about the hoyt clagwell tractor?
JHP Hurleywood 25 months ago
I mean it maybe only rolled 25-35 before it went "blooyeee" (oh well)
Gill JHP 13 months ago
The Hoyt Clagwell tractor was actually a 1918 Model F Fordson tractor which was made by Ford. Ford sponsored the show, so most of the vehicles shown on Green Acres were Fords.
JHP Gill 13 months ago
maybe Haneys truck was a ford also?
Runeshaper 25 months ago
The 1954 Ford Crestline Country Squire, 1933 Rolls-Royce Phantom II, and 1914 Stutz Bearcat are AWESOME!
zman47240 25 months ago
The original (gen. 1) version of the Ford Bronco is probably more valuable than any later version, fetching upwards of $100,000 for good-excellent condition.
OlgaBagley 25 months ago
Ralph the Carpenter was Mary Grace on TAG. And Barney describe her as a Dog She’s Thelma’s Lou’s Cuz
JHP OlgaBagley 25 months ago
but she's Niiiiiiiiice:)

Gomer never had a mean bone in his body (unlike the rest of the characters in that ep)
TownOfMayberry OlgaBagley 25 months ago
*The Andy Griffith Show…

She played ‘Mary Grace Gossage.’
ELEANOR OlgaBagley 21 months ago
Let's not forget Barbara Pepper as Doris Ziffel who was the "mother" to Arnold the pig. She had a wonderful movie career in the 30's and 40's, but suffered from depression after her husband was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1949. With the depression and a weight gain, her career took a nosedive, and she only had bit parts here and there. Finally, the part on Green Acres assured her of a steady paycheck.
bagandwallyfan52 25 months ago
That's a Very Funny Green Acres Video from You Tube
With the credits for Green Acres .
That was awesome. Thanks.
vinman63 bagandwallyfan52 25 months ago
My favorite episode was when Greenacres spoofed Beverly Hillbillies
AgingDisgracefully 25 months ago
Talkin' Heavy Metal Thunder?
Face it pal, you're in Green Acres Country.
bagandwallyfan52 25 months ago
Ralph Malph Donny Most and
Richie Cunningham Ron Howard
And Fonzie and Howard Cunningham all had Great Vehicles.
How about an article about the
Cool Cars & motorcycles on
Happy Days with photos of the
Cars just like the article and
Photos of the cars on Green Acres
Richie's car on Happy Days was called Love Bandit!!
On Happy Days Ralph Malph Donny Most and Bag Zombroski Neil J Schwartz sometimes
Drove the same car.
Dr_Zachary_Smith 25 months ago
How about the Hoyt Clagwell tractor? I've always called any old beat up tractor I have ever seen by that name since the show aired!!
bagandwallyfan52 25 months ago
Trivia Question
Who played Sarah on Green Acres
And who played Sarah on The Andy Griffith Show?
Load previous comments
I liked the character Ed Sawyer
in The Stranger In Town episode of The Andy Griffith Show. I wish that the writers of
TAGS had made Ed Sawyer
(William Lanteau) and Lucy Mathews (Marlene Willis)
Regular Characters on TAGS
Instead of appearing in that
One Episode ONLY.
Ed Sawyer said that Mayberry
Also I wonder who played
Mr Schaump on The Andy Griffith Show ?
Sorry about Spelling Peggys
Last Name wrong.
I liked Ellie Walker Elinor Donahue Peggy McMillan
Joanna Moore and Mary Simpson Sue Ane Langdon
And Helen Crump Aneta Corsaut and Alice Harper played by Joanna McNeil in
One Episode ONLY.
Clara and Emma and Floyd
All had two different last names and on GOMER Pyle USMC Bunny had 3 different last names and Millie had 2
Different last names Hutchins
And Swanson.
How many Presidents were
Mentioned on The Andy Griffith Show .I don't know the answers .
ELEANOR bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
When I watch the Johnny Carson Tonight Show reruns, he often talks about the President in his monologues and I like to challenge myself on which president he's making a reference to.
327053 26 months ago
Love the tractor and motor home 😊
BuckeyeBeth 26 months ago
MeTV writers! If you actually read these comments, PLEASE do this for other classic shows!!! I’m not a very knowledgeable person about cars but God I love reading about old classic or unique vehicles! So many classic shows had a bunch of classic cars (new at the time!) pass through the episodes. One of the reasons I love Perry Mason is to drool over the cars, especially the ones with the fins. My favorite car on Green Acres is Hank Kimball’s Bronco although I do love Olivers silver boat of a car strictly because of the reverse opening back doors. I do remember on an episode of I dream of Jeannie either in the first or second season (The episode where Jeanie gets a job on base to be near Tony) there was a awesome jeep-like thing with an extended back that I think was a bronco with a removable hardtop.
I seem to lean towards the adventure cars. My dream favorites are that I dream of Jeannie Bronco, a Kübelwagen (82 I believe), the Born Free Safari vehicle that Elsa the lion was always crawling all over (Range Rover? Hang on, is that Dr. Pulaski from Next Gen?), and the 1960s VW campervans.
Pacificsun BuckeyeBeth 26 months ago
You underestimate both your enthusiasm and an appreciation for stately vehicles as part of Classic TV. They're in all those Series for a reason, mainly to spotlight the characters (and actors) and add excitement! So you might enjoy this article about George Barris' Kustom (Cars) Ind. http://www.barris.com/cars.php

I think reviewing Classic TV vehicles should be a ROUTINE feature on MeTV's website, just as much as any other nostalgia and memorabilia. I hope they won't leave it to Collector's Call, which might only mention one or two cars.

Did you know that Mannix has in its closing credits, a position just responsible for the cars! Which only began to vary further into the Seasons, and well worth it. His driving skills absolutely showed off those beautiful speed machines!

We should star posting which Series we'd love to be featured.

1. Perry Mason
2. Mannix
3. Leave It To Beaver

Folks, be sure to build on this list!! And I'll send it in as a suggestion!
madvincent BuckeyeBeth 25 months ago
Major Nelson drove a 1966 GTO convertible....now THATS a classic
Pacificsun madvincent 25 months ago
Well, just about ANY GTO Convertible is a classic! In the day, I drove one too!!
Howard CUNNINGHAM drove a
DeSota on Happy Days.
I wonder what kind of cars
Ozzie Nelson of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet drove.
I read an article on Happy Days
That Ralph Malph Donny Most and Bag Zombroski Neil J Schwartz sometimes drove the
Same Car and Richie Cunningham drove a car with
the nickname Love Bandit.
Potsie rode a bycycle on
Happy Days sometimes.
Jeffrey BuckeyeBeth 25 months ago
The Convertible with the rear doors that open backwards, are called Suicide doors.
Andybandit 26 months ago
What funny cars? Mr. Kimble probably got his car confused with someone else's car.
Maybe Hank Kimball was
driving Maxwell Smarts spy
car by mistake .
Pacificsun 26 months ago
Thank you for a truly unique and inspiring story about GA's stud-worthy cars!!

If you pay attention to the GA's set design itself, once it's been created, it stays that way throughout the series. It's also very one dimensional, almost cartoonish, clearly within a studio backdrop. Even though it was all about an "imaginary" Hooterville. And that was kind of the point, meaning the total lack of reality, which the design carried through.

It's almost as if the Production had extra budget to burn, and splurged on featuring these stand-out vehicles! I love the specific profile given to them in this story. And further makes the point about GA's surrealism.

😉 And of course! We can just enjoy them for what they are!! Without overthinking it -LOL! 😉

madvincent Pacificsun 25 months ago
How do you post a photo here,I tried but just get letters and numbers....I have a Manx dune buggy that I’d love to post... thanks
Pacificsun madvincent 25 months ago

I can only do it on a reply, so reply to yourself if necessary. Choose the icon to the right. Choose File. I save my .jpegs to the Desktop, and find them there. An image should pop into your reply box. And you can comment before or after it.
Pacificsun madvincent 25 months ago
LoveMeTV22 makes a better point. The URL (characters/numbers) will appear until you Post. That's when the image appears. So sorry, I take a lot of things for granted!

Could someone out there in METV LAND please Post Photos
Of Practical Jokers Actors
Skip Young who played Wally
Plumstead on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and Neil J Schwartz who played BAG ZOMBROSKI on Happy Days
And Elizabeth MacRae Lou Ann POOVIE on GOMER Pyle USMC and Dawn Wells Mary Ann Summers on Gilligan's Island?
Someday it would be wonderful to be able to Post Photos of Joe Penner Eddie Cantor Pee Wee Herman and
Roy Stuart Cpl Boyle on GOMER
Pyle USMC .
texasluva Pacificsun 25 months ago
Take Me Back Tuesday Movie- A very comical-Fantasy-Romance--Splash With Tom Hanks.

Splash (1984) 1 hr 50 min-
Ron Howard
Tom Hanks
Daryl Hannah
John Candy
Opens with Wolly Bully-


Michael 26 months ago
No Mr Hainey''s truck? No Mr. Kimble's jeep?
MrsPhilHarris Michael 26 months ago
I too wondered about Mr. Haney’s truck. They showed Hank’s Bronco.
Pacificsun Michael 26 months ago
Yas, Haney's Truck would've been the prize. But maybe it no longer exists. Or is in the hands of a Collector. Indeed, Green Acres should be a featured Collector's Call episode all in itself! I'd like to meet the fandom surrounding that Show!

And, what about the Tractor Oliver is riding in every opening credit! Him, bouncing on the seat, is fascinating. Yet it never drives forward enough to see the backside.
Pacificsun MrsPhilHarris 25 months ago
I love the way they show it in MeTV's promo's where the banner keeps getting pulled down for new graphics. That Art Director was incredibly talented.
Michael MrsPhilHarris 25 months ago
When I did the quiz, a lot of photos didn't load. So I glanced at the text, and missed the jeep.
MrsPhilHarris Michael 25 months ago
I hate when that happens!
harlow1313 26 months ago
What, no Hoyt-Clagwell Tractor?
LoveMETV22 harlow1313 26 months ago
LOL, When is a Tractor not " Man's Best Friend ? " " When It's a Hoyt-Clagwell Tractor"
TownOfMayberry LoveMETV22 25 months ago
No spaces between the last word and the punctuation in a sentence.
LoveMETV22 TownOfMayberry 25 months ago
Thank you. You like pointing things out in a pedantic way (punctuation, grammar, etc....).
Still trying to make grammatical sense what is meant by:
" It’s sad that sounding that writes an article."
LoveMETV22 TownOfMayberry 25 months ago
You also wrote, "I with the person." Most probably know you meant "wish." However if you get satisfaction from such trivialities, good for you.
I liked PEGGY MacMillan played by Joanna Moore on The Andy Griffith Show Town of Mayberry
And it's too bad that Peggy MacMillan only appeared in
4 Episodes of TAGS.
I liked The Andy Griffith Show
Episodes when Peggy MacMillan Joanna Moore
sang Down In The Valley and
The Christmas episode of TAGS
Where Ellie Walker Elinor Donahue sang Away In A Manger with Ben Weaver Will
Wright singing in the background.
Coldnorth TownOfMayberry 25 months ago
People like me can’t type as well as others. I have arthritis in my hands and sometimes what I want to convey doesn’t come out right because of the one finger way of typing and spell check isn’t perfect. Point is some of us aren’t perfect but still like to participate in conversations. So please look past my lack of proper grammar and punctuation. My fingers just won’t cooperate. Thanks for hearing me out.
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