5 shows Tony Dow appeared on after Leave It to Beaver

Here are five shows where Dow wasn't called Wally.

Tony Dow might've had no idea that he'd be an actor before getting the role of Wally on Leave It to Beaver, but his success after the show proves elsewise — even if in later life he chose to work behind the camera on special effects and even became a respected sculptor.

We all remember him as the older brother to Beaver, and many generations after us will, too. Still, Dow made appearances on several television shows after Leave It to Beaver ended. Here are five of those appearances.

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1. My Three Sons


In the episode "Guest in the House," Dow played Gilbert Thornbury, a young boy mistaken for a visitor Steve was expecting. Steve, who was out of town, asked Bub and the boys to take care of the visitor.

2. Knight Rider


Distributed by Universal Studios

In the episode "Nobody Does It Better," Dow played Julian Groves, the main suspect when computer software was stolen from Deltron Micronics. 

3. General Hospital


Distributed by Cinema Vehicles/ Selmur Productions

Dow appeared in multiple epsiodes of the popular soap General Hospital. 

4. Adam-12


In the episode "Log 69: Cigarettes, Cars, and Wild, Wild Women," Dow played Cpl. Wayne Miller. Reed and Malloy have to break up an auto theft ring, where they find women stealing cars and taking them to chop shops to resell the pieces.

5. Murder, She Wrote


Distributed by Universal Television

In the episode "Crossed Up," Dow played Gordon Rogers. Phone wires get crossed during a storm, and Jessica (Angela Lansbury) can't convince anyone that what she heard was a murder plot.

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WGH 10 months ago
Tony Dow was such a likable guy, and it came across so well on camera. There aren't a lot of roles in Hollywood for totally likable guys.

But I suspect little kids will still be watching Wally and the Beav 100 years from now.
TomBoughan 17 months ago
I thought he appeared in a Lassie episode with another 50s sitcom actor. They were both adults. Can't remember who the other actor was. This was time when a park ranger had Lassie, so later episode. Also, Tony Dow did quite a few directing shows, especially Babylon 5. I can imagine Bill Mumy and Tony Dow on same set.
50sfan 17 months ago
You left out Mr. Novak.
Mark 50sfan 12 months ago
And Mod Squad.
Big3Fan 18 months ago
Mike, Robbie and Chip really gave Gilbert the business.
RedSamRackham 18 months ago
* He was also in cast of daytime soap NEVER TOO YOUNG! So was Tommy Rettig.
Barry22 18 months ago
I think he also did a Love Boat. (But then, who didn't?)
WGH Barry22 10 months ago
I never did an episode of The Love Boat but I wasn't an actor. LOL.

I'd love to have been on THAT boat.
Sway 18 months ago
I remember seeing Tony Dow on People's Court with Judge Wapner. Tony was a witness or moral support for the complainant in a landlord dispute. Judge Wapner acknowledged recognizing him. I don't think Tony testified.
WGH Sway 10 months ago
I remember seeing that. Thanks. Good memories.
MrsPhilHarris 18 months ago
I hated the way Mike, Robbie and Chip treated him on My Three Sons. 🤨
Yeah but that was a really great episode. I love the early ones before Ernie and uncle Charlie.
I’m cringing watching it now. Needy Polly has trapped Chip. He should have kicked her to the curb. What a whiner. Even Dodie isn’t that annoying. Can’t wait for it to get back to the first season.
When our local station started showing "My Three Sons" in the late 70's, they ONLY showed the color episodes with Robbie, Chip, and Ernie. But we didn't see the first few episodes where Ernie was adopted until later (the show had been running awhile before my brothers and I started watching it) and assumed it had always been those 3 boys, knowing that Chip and Ernie were brothers in real life. My mom apparently hadn't watched M3S when it was a "current" series, because she was just as surprised as my brothers and I were: "Who's that Mike guy getting married?" "I thought Ernie WAS their own kid!" It wasn't until I started watching Nickelodeon in the mid-80's that I learned there were earlier, black & white episodes and no Uncle Charlie, just grandpa "Bub". I did know who William Frawley was, because my mom was an avid "I Love Lucy" fan, just surprised to see him there.
cperrynaples 18 months ago
You left out Never Too Young, a short-lived soap opera aimed at teens that preceeded 90210 by 25 years! Fun Fact: Its replacement was Dark Shadows, which reached the audience NTY was trying to appeal to!
Pacificsun 18 months ago
He surely is missed. Someone so familiar to us. Like the great friend we never had.

I hope his family knows how appreciated he was.

Thanks MeTV Staff for remembering him through the Holidays!
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 18 months ago
Was having a conversation last week with a commenter who went to an event recently that
Leave it to Beaver cast attended. She/He said the cast were very nice, especially Tony's wife.
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 18 months ago
I watch owl-night TV, and only one time between Shows, they ran like a 15 sec. promo for a LITB meet and greet. Those are the cheapest rates for advertising and maybe it was an opportunity given by MeTV/Comcast anyway. I wonder if it was in NorCal. I think was offered (but am not positive) for a Friday.

Thank you so much for sharing. If they do it again, locally, or with a larger Con, I'll go. That would be cool, and to say Thank You to them.
teire 18 months ago
I remember seeing the My Three Sons role as a kid and being so happy to see him on TV again. “Cornflower blue.” Still my crush.
Michael 18 months ago
The writers are getting up early. Must be the Christmas excitement.

I never watched Leave it to Beaver until reruns in the eighties. So the adult Wally seems more familiar to me.
MrsPhilHarris Michael 18 months ago
I never save LITB until the 80s either.
bagandwallyfan52 18 months ago
(Eddie Haskell) and FRANK BANK
(Lumpy Rutherford).
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