Collector's Call Web Extras: Holy basement Batcave, Batman!

"Pastor Batman" has his very own Gotham City!

Rodney Shiflett is the ultimate Batman fan, with a massive collection of more than 2,000 Dark Knight–related items, all proudly displayed in his basement "Batcave."

His collection includes everything from comic books to lithographs signed by the co-creator of Batman, Bob Kane. An ordained minister, Rodney's fascination with the Caped Crusader inspired him to create his own masked hero: Pastor Batman.

As Pastor Batman, Rodney speaks at youth camps, makes hospital visits, and engages in random acts of kindness.

We brought in toy expert Mark Huckabone to appraise Rodney's collection.

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1. Image Gallery: Inside the Collection


Rodney's Batcave has a Bat-office, Bat-bedroom, Bat-gym… and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Batman goodies! Check out his comics, toys, costumes, models and more!


2. Bonus Video: 1994 'Batman: The Animated Series' Art


Rodney had to save up for six months to buy this piece of art in 1994. The payment plans were worth it — this framed piece, inspired by Batman: The Animated Series (1992–95) — is now worth thousands.


3. Bonus Video: Mego Batman Action Figures


The beloved Mego toy brand, a staple of any Seventies childhood, returned in modern times with these updated, 14" versions of its classic figures. They cost about $20 when released half a decade ago.


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DJS3 47 months ago
Batman is the only superhero that is presently plausible... His only superpower is that he's rich. 💵🦇 Good enough for me.
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