Are these aliens from Lost in Space or The Twilight Zone?

The Robinsons’ early adventures in black and white were as strange and creepy as anything in Rod Serling’s dimension of imagination.


While Lost in Space has many wonderfully fun and zany episodes in full color, the series started off with a black and white season that featured some downright creepy extraterrestrials. Many would fit right at home in The Twilight Zone!

We decided to pit the Rod Serling-esque monsters who challenged the Robinson family against aliens who actually did appear in Twilight Zone episodes. Can you match each out-of-this-world creature to the right show?

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  1. What is this little alien from?
  2. This bug-eyed alien is from...
  3. He was much more than a friendly face in...
  4. What is this double-headed extraterrestrial from?
  5. This "giant" lizard caused quite a scare in...
  6. Speaking of giant, what is this towering alien from?
  7. This creepy head can be seen in...
  8. Robby the Robot appeared in both. Which show is this scene from?
  9. This creepy alien is from...
  10. They may look human but they're definitely not form Earth. What show is this family from?
  11. This forehead forward alien is from...
  12. Can you eye which show this cyclops is from?

Are these aliens from Lost in Space or The Twilight Zone?

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FloridaTopCat 9 months ago
100%, 12/12 - Not so much a Lost In Space guy, but I'm kind of hard to fool concerning The Twilight Zone!
sputnik_57 9 months ago
I think this is the only quiz I've scored 100% on!
nightshade 15 months ago
#7 got me ........ best ive done in a while
Lookmeoverclosly 18 months ago
What 4# and 9#? I don't think I've seen those!
Mimi1130 19 months ago
I missed number 9, "This creepy alien is from..."
braycy 25 months ago
Big fan of both shows, can't believe I missed one!
Mob39 26 months ago
12/12 Love lost in space! The first season was the best!
eddiecantorfan 26 months ago
Does anyone besides me know the
Name of the Movie that movie critics say is the WORST MOVIE
Ever Made?!
jerrygon eddiecantorfan 26 months ago
Plan 9 From Outer Space?
eddiecantorfan jerrygon 26 months ago
You are RIGHT!
The Movie Critics said that
Plan 9 From Outer Space is
The Worst Movie Ever Made?
Coldnorth 26 months ago
I think I have neighbors who look the same as these
trogg888 26 months ago
those early episodes of lis were great.after they turned it into a joke with dr. smith flitting and the robot throwing one liners it was only watchable if you were under 7 years old and maybe not even then
Mimi1130 trogg888 19 months ago
I totally agree !
eddiecantorfan 26 months ago
Pretty Little Angel Eyes by the
Great Curtis Lee from 1961 is a
Wonderful Oldies Song .
RobertK 26 months ago
11 of 12. I almost aced this one but I messed up #5. I thought this dinosaur was from the Twilight Zone episode, "The Odyssey of Flight 33". Just as I chose TZ, I remembered not seeing close ups of the dino, only views from the plane, too late. Also, a lot of the Lost in Space creatures were usually pretty campy. The Lost in Space, creepy head was an exception though, pretty good and scary compared to the usual Lost in Space monsters that looked like they were made in somebody's basement workshop! I was and still am a fan of both shows...
Langbeast 26 months ago
I know the Twilight zone episodes so well, the rest had to be Lost in Space. Though I did remember that creepy head episode from long ago. 12 of 12
flyhawk3131 26 months ago
12 of 12 the twilight zone is the bomb,I have the DVD set
RichLorn 26 months ago
Reminds me of the graduating class of my fraternity.
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