Are these episodes of The Fugitive or Creedance Clearwater Revival songs?

Do you know the difference between "Moon Child" and "Bad Moon Rising"?

Image: The Everett Collection

At first glance, the groundbreaking thriller series The Fugitive and rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival don't seem to have much in common. But while one focused on a man in a jam and the other was more about jamming, they both could craft a creative title.

Here are the names of Fugitive episodes mixed together with Creedence songs. Can you tell which is which?

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  1. Bad Moon Rising
  2. Never Stop Running
  3. Down on the Corner
  4. Stranger in the Mirror
  5. Born on the Bayou
  6. Man on a String
  7. Shadow of the Swan
  8. Penthouse Pauper
  9. Moon Child
  10. Fortunate Son
  11. Where the Action Is
  12. It Came Out of the Sky
  13. Chameleon
  14. Passage to Helena
  15. Up Around the Bend
  16. Nobody Loses All the Time

Are these episodes of The Fugitive or Creedance Clearwater Revival songs?

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bobbygood 8 hours ago
14/16. I did well because I’m familiar with CCR not the Fugitive.
Andybandit 13 hours ago
I got 11/16. I never seen the fugitive, I know Credence Clear water songs.
Muleskinner 1 day ago
11/16. Not a big fan of The Fugitive or CCR.
Marshall_Kolchak 1 day ago
13/16 my road-trip based CCR knowledge came in handy!
Yup. Being a Fogerty fan makes it a walk in the park.
cabugi 2 days ago
9/16 ... need I say more? 😒
Snickers 3 days ago
12 out of 16. Should have done better.
MaryAnn 3 days ago
13/16 I first picked all of the CCR songs I knew for sure, 5 of them, then went back and guessed on the rest. I think I did all right!
TheDavBow3 3 days ago
10/16. I have "a hits" CD of CCR. I don't watch "The Fugitive".
Moody 4 days ago
10/16. Didn't do as well as I thought I would. I did like CCR back in the day though. Great music!
Snickers Moody 3 days ago
One of the best.
Wendy57 4 days ago
Being also from the Bay Area, I was quite a Credence Clearwater fan back in the day, so I am sort of disappointed with my score.
frenchman71 4 days ago
12/16. I bombed this. I thought I knew all of CCR's songs. And I saw about half of "The Fugitive" episodes. Good quiz.
gockionni frenchman71 3 days ago
12/16 as well and also thought I knew all of CCR’s songs - guess it was just long ago enough to not recall lol
cabugi frenchman71 2 days ago
If you call 12/16 a bomb, then mine was a complete disaster. 🤪
jtrain 4 days ago
14/16, not too bad, guessed on some.
CaptainDunsel 4 days ago
Lots better than I might have predicted. Now I've got to sit down, take a rest on the porch.
Peter_Falk_Fan 4 days ago
14/16 I knew Moon Child was a song title, but I guessed wrong thinking it was CCR (actually King Crimson). I also thought Chameleon was an episode since I never heard the song, and it made since that the fugitive would try to blend in.
Big CCR fan and I don't remember Chameleon.
FLETCH 4 days ago
13 out of 16
I've never watched The Fugitive but I'm a CCR fan
richardkel FLETCH 4 days ago
Same here.
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