Are these TV shows named after characters or not?

Was there someone named “Adam” in Adam-12?

Naming a TV show after the main character is an obvious choice, especially if the name is a pun. While many classic shows did just that, some have titles that sound like names but are actually referring to a place, an occupation or something else entirely!

Try to guess if each of these shows use a character's name in the title or not.

  1. Is 'Adam' a character's name?
  2. Is 'Maverick' a character's name?
  3. Is 'Beverly' a character's name?
  4. Is 'Rawhide' a character's nickname?
  5. Is 'Hogan' a character's name?
  6. Is 'Dragnet' a character's name?
  7. Is 'Cannon' a character's name?
  8. Is 'Hunter' a character's name?
  9. Is Chaparral a character's name?
  10. Is 'Smart' a character's name?
  11. Is 'Bronco' a character's name?
  12. Is 'Laramie' a character's name?
  13. Is 'Cheyenne' a character's name?

Are these TV shows named after characters or not?

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Marshall_Kolchak 13 days ago
12/13 missed the last one
Same here all but the final one
denny 14 days ago
Thought this was one of the easy ones until I missed the last 3. Geez
GregLemieux 14 days ago
13/13. This was an easy one for me.
Runeshaper 14 days ago
You got 13 out of 13

Cheyenne for the win!
fivecents 15 days ago
12/13 ....... I missed #8 Hunter, never heard of that show
Inrodwetrust fivecents 14 days ago
Omg it was actually pretty good. Fred Dwyer was the lead an ex nfl player who could actually act lol he also had a recurring role on cheers as an ex teammate of Sam I believe
retro6 15 days ago
13/13 they mentioned one of my favorite shows Laramie!!!
Stevetrek 16 days ago
Very easy for 60s and 70s TV addict too
trogg888 16 days ago
easy if you were a tv addict in the 50s and 60s
Dale42 16 days ago
11/13.... didn't catch the Get smart one fast enough...I knew smart was his name but my finger twitched to fast lol
Inrodwetrust Dale42 14 days ago
That’s what she said! 😂😂😂
Snickers 16 days ago
Got 12 out of 13 never heard of Bronco.
hrcopter Snickers 16 days ago
The one I missed as well.
trogg888 Snickers 16 days ago
he was guest on cheyenne before he had his own show.i think it was ty hardin
fivecents Snickers 15 days ago
I didn't have a problem with that one, it was Hunter that threw me off, never heard of it
BrentwoodJon Snickers 14 days ago
Me either, I guessed right
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